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  1. Merhaba @VUQAR, yaşadığınız sorunları bizimle paylaştığınız için teşekkür ederiz. World of Trucks web sitesinde e-mail adresinizi ve şifrenizi kaybettiyseniz destek ekibine ( [email protected] ) bir mail göndermeniz yeterlidir. WoT destek ekibi en kısa sürede gönderdiğiniz mail üzerinden geri dönüş yapacaktır. Saygılarımla. One3Two TruckersMP Player
  2. You rly deserved it, congratulations ❤️ 

  3. Dost dediğim adama çileğimi verdim :kappa:

  4. Finally, will TruckersMP have mod support? Will everyone be able to use their own mod on truckersmp servers? It would even be nice if map mods are included. I look forward to your views on this issue
  5. I saw that the web report system was very low from time to time and this did not last very long, I think new staff members were recruited to solve this issue. But this does not seem to be a sufficient reason to solve the issue because the web reporting system has reached a normal load again. Are there any changes we might see in the future regarding the game moderation team?
  6. I don't get the enjoy of simulation when driving on the roads and the roads are not crowded, it doesn't give me pleasure while driving, but unfortunately I don't like to drive a lot on the CD road.. I don't want to drive in singleplayer because I like your mod very much. When will this problem be solved?
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