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  1. Öncelikle kolay gelmesi dileğiyle , umarım herşey istediğin gibi olur , hayırlı ve uğurlu olsun başarılarının devamını diliyorum :) 


    1. DesertEagle26


      Teşekkür ederim ^_^

  2. Volvo(New) vs Scania(New)

    volvo is my favorite truck company I think I'm sure of that.
  3. I am male , usually computer and friend environment
  4. I think an ideal speed limit !
  5. New House!

    the greenery is very beautiful
  6. Do you have any cool hobbies?

    the most enjoyable thing is swimm according to me
  7. Which places do you wish to go to in the future?

    the first place I want to go is italy , I hope we can all go to places we want.
  8. YouTube and Twitch

    @CrackPrewier I usually do game content cs:go , gta 5 , ets 2 in the style of. and of course war games
  9. YouTube and Twitch

    I was doing content for a while on YouTube but i do not anymore (do you have interest)
  10. There is nothing you will not succeed ! little motivation B)

  11. Automatically kick players who spam their horn

    they are pushing too many horns in their game .
  12. Own transport company

    I know that we can open it from places like discort, discort voice chat enjoy ets 2 for it is actually enjoyable
  13. my favorite art rap, artist ceg , what about you ?
  14. ETS2 Farklı Dorse ler

    Modunuz çok güzel , başka modlar için indirme siteleri mevcut fakat mod yapamıyorum henüz ama olsun oynamasıda çok keyifli