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  2. Hello sebaspronoob, What message do you get when you get kicked? Unfortunately we can't help you without that message. Kindest regards, Stay safe! _sneaht_0810
  3. Hello DeadMenDontBite, I you wish to have a custom skin on TruckersMP, then the only thing you can do is to local mod that skin. With a local skin mod, only YOU will be able to see the skin. Other players can not see it. Kindest regards, Stay safe! _sneaht_0810
  4. Thanks for the follow!🙂 I appreciate that! Best chef ❤️

  5. Hello Ziclk13, Yes you can create a custom skin and you can use it in Multiplayer if you can local mod it. If you can't local mod it, then you aren't able to use the skin. I think that only you will be able to see it if you can local mod it. But I am not 100% sure. Correct me if I am wrong Kindest regards, Stay safe! _sneaht_0810
  6. Thanks for the follow! I really appreciate this :)

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  7. Hello Rootiga, The best thing in this case would be to open a support ticket here, https://truckersmp.com/support/tickets Explain the problem you have and explain the things you already have tried Kind regards, Stay safe! _sneaht_0810
  8. Happy birthday! 🥳🥂

  9. Thanks for the follow!🙂

    I appreciate that😉

    Happy New Year, best wishes for 2021!


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  10. Hello KittyGirl, Yes it is right, there are some problems with the servers at this moment, please have a look here for more information related to this https://truckersmpstatus.com/incident/1279/ Kind regards, Happy New Year! _sneaht_0810
  11. Hello Sanchezo_99, Thanks for creating a topic, I hope my answer can help you :)) --- The Game Moderation Team is being asked to rate the quality of the reports. This is being used to help get rid of the majority of useless reports that currently come through the system. The more good reports you submit, the more you will be able to report in the future. The more bad reports you submit, the less you will be able to report, to the point where you are no longer able to. Like I have heard in the official discord of TruckersMP: "You start off with a
  12. Hello Süleyman4226 [ TR ], Thanks for creating a topic, we will do our best to help you with this situation --- I have found these topics, which can be very useful, in my eyes Below are given some common solutions: But, like said in the topics: "There is no real obvious answer, however some steps which may help to improve your ping" I hope to have helped you with this. There are also a lot of YT videos, in which is explained how to get less ping, that might be interesting too Kind regards, Stay safe!
  13. Hello sunwinbus, I can can see the "reply button" :). Make sure that you are logged in with your forum account. Kind regards Stay safe! _sneaht_0810
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