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  1. I normally use Medal.tv to record my gameplay while playing either ATS / ETS but when i stream it i use Streamlabs OBS
  2. Im a bit confused regaring your question/your problem maybe someone can understand it a bit better than me but i will try In-game radio As a new player in TMP your radio is sat to channel 19 every time you join multiplayer and you can change this channel by looking at the radio in your truck and right click the 2 buttons next to the radio to go up and down channels ( you need to be in first person and open the playerlist so you can interact with the radio ) Change the default radio channel You can also change the default radio channel instead of having to change
  3. Happy Birthday to me :D

    1. owen611624


      Happy birthday 🖤

  4. Scandinavia and Italy
  5. Nu synes jeg ikke den her del af forummet er så meget aktivt men vil da stadig godt høre hvad folk går og laver her for tiden.. Og får i kørt lidt km i ETS2 eller ATS
  6. Sometimes it can also be hard to read the ID of the player but this idea is nice and simple...
  7. Happy Birthday!


  8. Happy Birthday!

  9. Today my grandmother past away
    i will never forget her 😭


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    2. 8RazziA8


      My deepest condolences.
      I hope you're going to get through this difficult time well. 😢❤️

    3. Komo02DK
  10. Happy Birthday :D

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