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  1. Привет, приятел Да, намерих го къде е. Стана най-накрая. А защо ми убягваше напоследък или не го виждах, нямам си на идея... Благодаря!
  2. И оттам рових навсякъде, нещо не я откривам тая опция...?! М/у другото, вчера в в туитър и инста СЦС показаха тия, нов пакет кожи/бои/скинове:
  3. Finally, great news! BTW where l can write for the problem with new ver.?
  4. All DLC r fav to me. (maybe exept "GE" because is too old and still they didn't revamp..)
  5. Really waiting for this update, hope so to be out very soon. My ProMods 2.50 files r ready to be started with TMP 1.38 immediately.
  6. Thanks for the follow 🙌  👍

  7. Since the early 90's cared for cats and rarely dogs, all rescued in one way or another. In most cases, the cats turned out to be females and the dogs male. Most of them lived to a ripe old age ... Up to date these r Homer Nicol
  8. Момчаци, от къде точно се сменяше аватара тук във форума, че нещо ми убягва тая опция?
  9. Thanks for your follow mate ❤️

    1. [VIVA] [BG] Vinnie P.B.

      [VIVA] [BG] Vinnie P.B.

      Thank u too, buddy!

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