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  1. By the way, when and from where, how are these special loads taken for the 10 deliveries in question? Or are they not yet operational? Maybe I'm logging into the wrong server? I looked all over the market, I didn't see anything to guide me anywhere...
  2. https://www.earthhour.org/
  3. Beautiful spring... Thank you, TMP!
  4. I luv I'm glad to have you TMP. Just keep going up and up... Thank you!
  5. My holidays were .... (the picture speaks volumes) PS.... due to various circumstances and reasons
  6. Good, but if a person does not win some of the contest prizes, will never get this beautiful cheevo...?!
  7. Great event, but which server exactly is this in?
  8. 15 Рeal-Оps (live events) over the years and I don't participate (but have heard of them) at a single one?! Damn it... Now this will be done once and for all.
  9. It's supposed to be 300 on 50, but it rarely happens...
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