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  1. Honestly, I prefer they add AI traffic in all forms, as well as road events, rather than driving different cars. Trucking is enough. Well, maybe buses sometime in the future ... for example. It wouldn't be bad.
  2. For the 1st time I saw the good guy to be beaten so much. Really like it, because the realism.
  3. These r mine prefered brands:
  4. I saw some nice shots, good work pal!
  5. From FS13 till these days almost nothing changed in the series. Same mechanics, gameplay, stuff, etc... FS19 graphic look really good, but that's it.
  6. Hey @MarkON, I just checked that now, it seems that everything works fine. Obviously it is ok after last UPdate. Thanx and regards! The topic's problem SOLVED.
  7. Hello, Has anyone notice this when apply a skin from a Space_Paint_Jobs_Pack, player being kicked, because of Unsupported version? Do the developers know about this and can the problem be solved? Regards!
  8. I saw some nice shots here...
  9. Yeah, it is fun, but far away from correst tests...
  10. Max HP not mean the fastest engine... Upon ur logic, previous gen Volvo FH16 (named ''Classic'' in the game) have 750HP engine, so even is the fastest over the Scania?
  11. KBD and mouse Cooler Master Devastator 3 combo plus SPARTAN Gear - Hoplite 300 pad Logitech Driving Force G29 plus Logitech Shifter Logitech Z607 - 5.1, Bluetooth TV Sony Bravia Sony Bravia KD-60XF8305 4K
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