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  1. unreliable connection hatası ise pc ile alakalı, kalabalık alanlarda okuma yapamıyor hata veriyor, kalabalık olmayan alanlarda oyuna başla.
  2. Suggestion Name: Fix command for bus Suggestion Description: What's the posibilty add fix command for bus? f7 causing game crash with dbus mod, we need a fix command like a truck&cars.
  3. How can I get this trailer? 




  4. eski adminlerden bir sen kalmışsın, ban geçmişim padişah fermanı gibi olmasa gelir şöyle trollüklere devam ederdim :troll:





      Eyvallah reyis, seni tekrar görmek güzel 🫡

    2. Almeida'


      See ya in 4311 years 🤣

  5. c-d and kirkenes mine road keep the tmp alive, players love traffic jam, other side of the map almost empty.
  6. How Can I buy admin for my twitch stream? I think admins are buyable cuz they just guard streamers, other time there is no admin in the game, how much your daily price? 

    1. TimeTimes


      I can recommend you to read this article: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/1233


      "It is not possible to book or request a Game Moderator for your stream."


    2. F.Maynard


      but they are always with streamers, ofc I know this rules, actually this is a complaint 🙂

    3. TimeTimes


      A feedback ticket would be better for that

  7. wow u are still admin, u must be unemployer irl :troll:

  8. Ban reason is reckless driving. xD İf admin is not trainee ban me perm pls. 😂


    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. тoυιjєя


      😂 He’s  not allowed to pass but he did and and caused accident he also has the audacity to say “REC” and report, it should be you that reports him but admin instead of banning him bans you. Either Admin doesn’t check proof and just bans which will be horrendous or he has no ckue who’s right or wrong which is bad too. Truckersmp fell off

    3. If Its Itchy,Just Scratch

      If Its Itchy,Just Scratch

      Even when the Recording Player is wrong, this does not allowing any kind of Insulting!

    4. тoυιjєя


      You’re probably a snitch yourself, I wasn’t talking to you anyways 

  9. miss you   bro  ?

  10. 吃烤肉串而不是蝙蝠 :troll: 



    1. Lonelychild


      你会加入吃我们的蝙蝠吗?哈哈 ,只是开玩笑 sorry

  11. 3 million users but max 9k online where is the others?
  12. Viva Trucking seni aldıysa yakında batar. ?

    1. User_9806
    2. Guest


      Konuşuyor işte yine iso takma .d 

  13. Guest


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