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  3. Meine Meinung zu diesem Thema habe ich vor einiger Zeit bereits auf Discord geschrieben. Ich denke nicht, dass es im Ansatz möglich wäre, alle Spieler zu "zwingen" in anderen Kanälen zu reden. Wir sind eine internationale Modifikation. Usere haupte Sprache ist daher Englisch. Die vielen CB Kanäle haben wir, dass jeder immer und überall in einen Kanal wechseln kann, auf dem man ungestört ist und ggf. auch in anderen Sprachen miteinander reden kann. Nur weil der Kanal 9 von vielen deutschen genutzt wird, heißt das nicht, dass dort nicht auch türkische, französische oder englische Spi
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  5. hello my name is vincent i really need help from someone knowledgeable please. Here is my problem

    last night i got it all set up to play ats online and it was working great now when i logg in world of trucks says ...Connection to world of trucks cant be established because version is not compatible there is no jobs of any kind anywhere under any section at all and connection to world of trucks refuses to connect and keeps saying this. i look when launching with truckers mp and it says people are online and playing so.....something is wrong. i am using the correct beta version specified by TruckersMP.


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    2. vincentk


      where is this in game reset function located? and wile playing ATS online is world of trucks expected to not work is what your saying? and thank you for helping me!

    3. vincentk


      thank you another user solved this!!!

    4. Titanic4


      In order to take rest in-game, you'll have to either drive to nearby hotel, or into one of your garages, or into parking lot of the nearby service area. Once your truck is located in appropriate area, simply stop the engine, then use the action key. In case if you can't do that for some reason, you may need to set g_force_economy_reset variable to 1 either via change in configuration file, or directly in game console. Once the variable is set, restart the game. You should see "Changes detected" dialog once you reload the profile. If you had any job at the moment, it will be cancelled without any fine given to you. 

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  14. you dont check your DMs?


    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Sorry that I am not at home 24/7. It's weekend and I want to spend some time with my loved ones. TruckersMP is still a hobby for me 😉

      I will check my Discord DMs tomorrow.


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