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  1. [Support] @Polyxena [GER] betritt das Community Moderation Team (Discord) als Zweitrang. [Community Moderator] @Grundii wurde zum Community Moderator Leader befördert.
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  4. you dont check your DMs?


    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Sorry that I am not at home 24/7. It's weekend and I want to spend some time with my loved ones. TruckersMP is still a hobby for me 😉

      I will check my Discord DMs tomorrow.


  5. [Report Moderator] @ян Powerful wurde zum Game Moderator befördert
  6. [Media Team] @LaxZ betritt das Community Moderator Team als Stream Moderator, verbleibt aber auch im Media Team.
  7. Fixed with latest update.
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    [SUPPORT] @Winter~ leaves the TruckersMP Team due to lack of time. [SUPPORT TRAINEE] @MXL94305CP leaves the TruckersMP Team due to personal reasons.
  9. GGF MD

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    [RETIRED TEAM MEMBER] @Rico. rejoins the TruckersMP Team as Full Support.
  10. Unfortunately the exact same bug has been confirmed again. This topic will be moved back to confirmed bugs.
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    [TRIAL SUPPORT] @Crestune~ has been promoted to Full Support.
  12. [Trial Support] @maksch wurde zum Full Support befördert.
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    [TRIAL SUPPORT] @maksch has been promoted to Full Support.
  14. Steps to reproduce Start ATS/ETS2 with OpenGL Connect to a server Open UI Take a screenshot Result The UI won't be visible on the taken screenshot. Possible solutions Starting the game with DirectX Media
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