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  1. GGF MD

    How to become a moderator

    Since you aren't banned anymore the last solution would be to contact the Game Management to get rid of the ban here: https://truckersmp.com/feedback Next time you can open a ban appeal if you got banned: https://truckersmp.com/appeals But you always need to remember that you need to know what you need to do as a (Game) Moderator. It's not just like "Hey look at me! I have a police car". You have many responsibilities. I would give you the tip to join this awesome community so you get known here and you will get a first impression what it takes to be a member of this community and possibly the team. You don't meet the requirements yet and it can take time to meet everything. Take your time and don't rush
  2. Congratulations :)

    1. DarkOwl


      Thank you mate :wub:^_^

  3. GGF MD

    C-D road

    Well. I suppose the road is so popular because all users are talking about the CD road. You just need to watch a "Funny Moments" video. Nearly every clip of the popular YouTubers is from the CD Road. I also suppose many users want a bit "action". I think most of the users there are a bit sad / disappointed that the rest of the map is so empty. They want to search for "fun", players and some friends to play with. I think that many players are driving on that road because their friends recommended that road. But I don't recommend to drive on that road if you want to remain calm and if you want to finish a serious job. It's only a fun road for me and I always try to avoid that area as good as possible. You will see me very rarely on that road.
  4. Mehr als nur verdient. 
    Genieß' es mein Lieber :wub:



  5. Take care.
    Thanks for everything! :wub:

  6. Glückwunsch!! Das hast du dir mehr als nur verdient :wub: :love:

  7. Welcome back :love:

    1. chevytime


      Yesss thanks!!


  8. Congratulations.
    Welcome back to the team :) 

  9. It was a great time being in this team.

    But due to some private reasons (Real Life) I decided to leave the team today.

    It breaks my heart but I had to do that.


    I want to thank the whole TruckersMP Team again. They gave me so many possibilities and it was an awesome time.


    Also: Thanks for the last tour as GML @NeonLeon @weezy :wub: :love:





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    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang

      You've done the best. We will miss you :( Best of luck to you in the future :) 

    3. BlackSkill


      It's really sad to see that you go but real life is more important,  so we all understand your decision and wish you best luck ^-^

    4. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Thank you guys! :) 

  10. #GGF 4ever 

    We won't forget your awesome work mate! Just the best for your future and we all hope to see you again very soon   :wub:






    1. GGF MD

      GGF MD

      Thank you so much! :wub:

  11. :( I will miss you GGF 




  12. Sad to see you go. :( 

    Take care <3

    1. Rev.


      I really appreciate your post, it means a lot.


      You know I'll still be in contact with you though.

  13. GGF MD

    [Forum game] Players vs staff

    Wow. This game is still alive. And you forgot to restart here: