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  1. having trouble posting on my profile

    Best answer has been marked. //locked and moved to solved
  2. Forum cezaları

    //Moved to turkish help section (Yardım / Destek)
  3. Account status Not activated

    It's not possible anymore. You can't activate your account if the link of the first Email doesn't work. We can't send a new one
  4. Crash and loss

    Hey, I optimized the answer for ATS. You should delete the ATSMP folder. ^^ Also try to start TruckersMP as admin. Maybe it will solve your problem.
  5. Account status Not activated

    I don't think that it will work now. You have your account since 05 Nov 2016 and the Email is expired. I can't activate my account, either. As mentioned above: It won't affect your account
  6. Feedback Closing

    Hey, you need to wait for an answer And you can request a close by writing something like "Could you close this feedback, because...."
  7. Remove Winter mod

    Hey @ElectroHouse20, has your question been answered? Please let us know.
  8. HELP High ping ETS2MP

    Topic is inactive. //locked //moved to inactive
  9. atsmp funktioniert nicht // atsmp does not work

    Last answer is in german + main language is german //moved to Hilfe
  10. Hey, ATS is already linked to your account Maybe you need to log out and log in again to see it ^^
  11. Truckersmp crash

    Die 08/15 Lösung ist wie immer das Spiel als Admin zu starten oder TMP neuzuinstallieren. Gehe dazu zu %programdata% und lösche dort den Ordner TruckersMP. Danach deinstalliere TMP selbst über Programme und Features und downloade den Mod neu. =>
  12. Is it true? :wub:


    Welcome back!! :) 

    1. LSPD Gamer

      LSPD Gamer

      Yes, it‘s true.

      And Thank you for motivating me to continue ❤️

  13. api returned invalid content

    User contacted us via the ticket system We will try to help you there //locked and moved to unsolved