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  1. Again, it is not a dev problem. See my above post please.
  2. I think it's important to consider the severity of offences. At any given point in time, I could witness dozens and dozens of rule violations when driving on the route from Calais to Duisburg. That's not to say however that I will report every single one of them. Some of them are silly mistakes, often with no malice behind them. I personally believe that reporting these errors are petty and say more about the reporting party than the accused. There is a level of responsibility associated with reporting players, including not getting people banned just because you can. On the flip s
  3. This issue is not a TruckersMP problem as you think. It's actually your hardware that's causing the problem. Allow me to explain. I also have this issue when trying to spawn in Calais, Duisburg or any other busy area (such as an events server). My network is perfect and typically always is. The problem is this: When you are spawning into a busy area, your game has to load in several trucks, all with specific colours, paintjobs, rims, trailers, locations, speeds, direction of travel. It has to do this immediately, otherwise the chance of a collision is high. Contrast thi
  4. Nice to be getting back into TMP after quite a while away from it all. 🙂


  5. Thank you for your service towards TMP!We will miss you❤️

  6. Thank you for your service towards TMP!

  7. If we take a leap back to 2014 we'll find this blog post from SCS. Obviously there are mods that achieve this, but I would love to have seen this implemented in the base game, as it would introduce some new opportunities to play around with.
  8. Paddy.

    Do you rec?

    I record using shadowplay in instances where I need to submit a report for something. I'm fortunate however that I seldom need to do this, even in very busy areas such as Calais or Duisburg. Am I just lucky? One thing that is a bug-bear of mine though is the coined phrase "Rec ban", which has come about as simply a cheap way of threatening other players with a report. It's even made it's way into some people's TMP tags, just sitting there as an ever-lingering intimidation to those around them. What makes this doubly troubling is that a great many players who happen to utilize thi
  9. They'll just have to wait!


  10. I like your profile picture, congratulations.

  11. I've been on a little absence of late, getting to see my girlfriend for the first time in months since coronavirus struck. It's been a great little break from gaming to see her and it's been such a tremendous relief.


    That said, it is nice to have been in the server again tonight, and it's been wonderful getting welcomed to the TMP staff team by a wonderful bunch of people. Thank you to all who have given their best wishes.


  12. Welcome to the team 👌

  13. A big thanks to everybody who has congratulated me tonight. I'd love to send thanks to you all but the forum is now frowning heavily at me, so rest assured that I appreciate your messages and love. :)

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