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  1. There are not that many Patreons, it wouldn't affect you.
  2. Happy to have renewed my Patron subscription! The Bus is really cool:)

  3. In my opinion, it should be for a undefined amount of time. it would remain blocked until you "unbanned" that specific person. The blocked person would be blocked by their TruckersMP Id, and not the temporary server Id. This way, the ban wouldn't be temporary. It would also be cool to be able to inactive your PM system for some amount of time. Some of the options could be: Until my next session, for 30 min, etc. Also, I think this post should be moved from Patron discussion to the open for suggestion in-game suggestions sub forum, It would make more sense. Kind r
  4. I agree 100% with you. Even tho we are Patrons by choice, it would be nice to have a few perks to make us feel happier in supporting + attracting new Patrons. Imo, AFK kicks should be removed entirely for Master Tuckers and increased by 20 and 30 min to the lower options. Devs/Project Coordinators: Please consider this.
  5. That was a temporary bug with the alternating vehicles. It wasn't even high beams, the regular low beams where that bright. I'm glad it's been taken care of. :)) Ps: My in-game tag was "portable sun" during that period.
  6. Hey there, Currently my most used vehicles are the Mercedes New-Actross and the alternating vehicles. I always try the new ones when they come out! I had a lot of fun with the Mustang when I was a Patreon last month.
  7. I like the idea as it would keep the forum more organized. However, it would take a huge amount of time to moderate every single person's personal gallery. I think sharing a link to your gallery on dropbox or similar on your status update would be more practical and useful. If management decides it's doable though, I don't see why not.
  8. Yes!! I've seen this feature in Game Moderators videos and its so useful. I would love that to be implemented to players as well so we can more easily report players in crowded areas. I support this suggestion 100%.
  9. Hey there. So far I've only driven the Mustang and the van. The Mustang looked amazing on the outside, such good detailing. It would've been nice to see the movable axle feature used to make a movable roof for the convertible though. That would've been amazing. I'm gonna renew my Patron subscription pretty soon and am looking forward to driving the bus. Keep up with the good work guys! This project is really exciting.
  10. Nossa esse projeto ficou muito legal. A ideia e super interessante e traz mais profundidade pro mod. Da vontade de jogar para testar esses carros novos a cada 2 semanas. Muito obrigado Thiago pela tradução.
  11. Had a lot of fun with the police car today. It would be fun to have a server with all road rules + cop car tho. :))

  12. I can't really tell, what has changed? For me it looks the same as always haha.
  13. It would be really nice if Alasca was implemented to the game. I know there’s no plans for it or anything but it would be really cool. Driving on snow would be really fun.
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