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  1. ThiagoBR_

    Truckersmp udate please

    Dear, In fact the game American Truck Simulator had a recent update! Our Mod is not yet compatible with the new version! Our developers are already working to make the new version compatible.
  2. ThiagoBR_

    eror code (0x80092013)

    Dear @User_2196555, First of all: Thanks for contacting the Support Team. As far as I can understand you, you have some issues with error in-game in detail 0x80092013. Unfortunately, it is not yet clear what exactly causes this error. However, we are trying to find a simple and unambiguous solution. I would suggest trying the following solutions first: We have one solution that has been verified to be functional. > Please open Windows Date & Time Settings (https://i.imgur.com/Q3aUlQ6.png) < Later please follow these steps: 1. "Automatic time setting" → ON 2. "Set time zone automatically" → OFF 3. Select a time zone (for example, UTC + 01:00) 4. Restart your computer to test and try again start the game If your problem still exists after you've done all the steps above, try them below: - Try to log-in multiplayer with different router. - Try to log-in multiplayer with the internet of your phone that has android or ios OS. If you don't know how to connect your pc with the phone's internet, follow the instructions below. For Android ones: For iOS: Please try again later.
  3. As a friend mentioned above would be nice if the driverstopped to sleep, stuck the tyre and he had to call for help. AReal life to the driver would be good
  4. ThiagoBR_

    How to install multiplayer on Macbook

    Dear @bbb_arte_qqq, Some great answers have been given, has your problem been solved? Your confirmation of the status of your issue helps us keep the forum always organized! I await your return!
  5. Good morning / Good afternoon / Good night

  6. ThiagoBR_

    Website v2.9 release

    It looks amazing! Thank you for keeping us informed
  7. Good morning!

    Great weekend to all!

    Remember: If you're drinking don't drive :troll:

    1. BL4CK$K1LL


      Good Evening ^_^ 

  8. It's an incredible DLC. Worth every penny spent!
  9. Well, I use the horn only when someone honks at me!
  10. ThiagoBR_

    Error Message Runtime Error

    Hi all Problem is solved . Thanks for all participation! Don't hesitate to contact us again if you need any help in the future! //Locked and Moved to Solved
  11. ThiagoBR_

    Trucksmp Registration

    Dear @Puma ( BRA ), First of all go on the Privacy Settings page of your Steam account and put all the options as "public" (leave unchecked a small checkbox, is in the 4th image attached to that answer). Soon after, you need to have 2h plays in your ETS2. After being with your Steam account all "public", and with the 2h moves of Euro Truck Simulator 2 It is time to perform the registration. Access this Link: https://truckersmp.com/auth/register and register! After registration download the installer and install the Launcher on your computer I believe it will work. Public Steam 1: http://prntscr.com/lmq81w Public Steam 2: http://prntscr.com/lmq8hc Public Steam 3: http://prntscr.com/lmq8yw Public Steam 4: http://prntscr.com/lmq9k4 I await your return!
  12. ThiagoBR_


    Olá @Leandro Velasco, Tudo bem? Por favor, tente as seguintes soluções: > Evite usar o Wi-Fi. > Evite carregar ou descarregar e reproduzir MP ao mesmo tempo. > Evite fazer atualizações do Windows ao mesmo tempo. > Evite ter muitos usuários ou dispositivos ao mesmo tempo em sua rede. > Evite usar serviços de streaming ao mesmo tempo. > Verifique as configurações do firewall no roteador / switch. > Prefira usar servidores mais próximos de sua localização. > Tente conversar com seu ISP (provedor de serviços de Internet) e veja se você pode encontrar uma solução. Pergunte ao seu ISP se eles suportam perfis de Internet como Fast path ou Interleave e solicite o Interleave. O Interleave aumentará seu ping, mas fará mais verificações de pacotes pelo seu ISP. E a melhor solução é que você tenha uma internet melhor.
  13. ThiagoBR_

    Banido, o que faço agora?

    Mais um Guia Fantástico. Parabéns @Tuna_
  14. Scheduled date! I hope to be free in the day! I really want toparticipate!