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  5. I found out about it in 2014 by watching a video by youtuber Nerd³ who was playing it with his dad, who's also a youtuber named Dad³. I didn't sign up immediately though, I waited till the first day of 2015.
  6. Technically you can use mods (the launcher will disable them when you go online), but if you're just setting up a profile for multiplayer, you shouldn't use mods. I recommend you use two profiles, one for single player (with mods) and a clean one for multiplayer. You're allowed to cheat to get money and/or experience for multiplayer. That's the quickest way to make a multiplayer-ready profile and you'll be able to buy and upgrade any truck or trailer you want.
  7. You need separate profiles to stop this from happening. You can create a new promods profile for single player, or you can duplicate your current profile by following this guide: Otherwise the game will "think" you're loading your profile for the first time, which causes the long load times.
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  12. I have no solution for you, but the strange texts are the window plates of other users. Perhaps you can try to remove your own window plates and see if that changes anything. Also, when you configured OBS, did you use the window capture mode? And if so, did you use the window from singleplayer or multiplayer? The window names are different, but if you use singeplayer to set up OBS, it'll also work in multiplayer. I don't know if it's vice versa. Try setting up OBS again using window capture mode and singleplayer. You could also try to change the rendering mode to OpenGL if you're using DX
  13. Dug up an older screenshot of it: https://prnt.sc/r7mkt4 Packetloss and sudden drops in bitrate (blue/green graph) and packets (orange/purple) indicate network issues. Also; it never hurts to unplug your ethernet cable on both ends and plug them in again. That has solved issues for me on my old motherboard. I think the ethernet port was damaged on that one. Unplugging my ethernet cable and plugging it back in again with some extra force usually fixed my problem, albeit temporarily. @OldAndSlow You're welcome
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