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  1. Haulvoc

    Winter mod is now available!

    The mod stopped working when TMP was updated to support ETS2 1.34
  2. Congrats on surviving the first two decades!

  3. Thank you for the follow :tmp:

  4. Haulvoc

    Favourite Genre of Music

    Trance is my favourite, but I'll pretty much listen to anything while I'm driving with the radio on
  5. Thanks for follow! 

    1. Haulvoc


      Thank you for the follow, too :D

  6. Haulvoc

    Steering wheel issue

    Hi, I have something similar with my G29. Every first time after booting my PC, I have to turn the wheel all the way left and all the way right to calibrate it ingame and keep it centered. Give that a try.
  7. Hello truckers and carrers! () It seems that a lot of you want to use the Scout car mod in singleplayer. Either just for fun, or to solve issues; like your car turning into an old Scania when you load your multiplayer profile in singleplayer. I have a simple solution that doesn't require you to download anything. This solution allows the game to use the files of the mod that came with the TMP client. It works by creating a symbolic link in windows, which will allow the game to find the files from multiplayer and use them in singleplayer. It works for both ETS2 and ATS. This will also make sure you always use the latest version released with the TMP client, until the devs change the file names or add additional files. There are two requirements: You need to have administrator rights on your computer and you need to have file extensions enabled. To enable file extensions, check this guide: https://www.thewindowsclub.com/show-file-extensions-in-windows Start by creating a new text (.txt) file. It doesn't matter where it's located or how you name it. Open the file and paste the following text: mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\sh_skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\shared\mods\sh_skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ets2\mods\skoda_car.mp mklink %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"American Truck Simulator"\mod\skoda_car.scs %PROGRAMDATA%\TruckersMP\data\ats\mods\skoda_car.mp pause Save the file and change the filename from anything.txt to anything.bat Right-click on the file and execute it as an administrator. Administrator rights are required because the Scout files used by the TMP client are located in a system folder. If you don't own both of the games, you will see 2 errors. That's normal because this batch file tries to enable the mod for both games, regardless whether you own them. Now start the game and check the mod manager. You should see two new mods: "sh_skoda_car" and "skoda_car". Enable them both and you will be able to use the car in singleplayer. Happy trucking carring!
  8. Haulvoc

    If I purchase a car on multiplayer...?

    If you store it in a garage before going to SP and leave it there, you will keep it. If you don't store it or take it out of the garage in SP, it will turn into a Scania truck and you'll have to buy it again or load an older save in MP. You can use autopark in multiplayer, just check the settings to enable it. You have to stop on the company's spinning thing (don't know how to call it) and press enter.
  9. Haulvoc

    rest times 11 hours does not work on multiplay

    Hey remcco, Dit is omdat de tijd wordt bepaald door de server. Als je gaat slapen in singleplayer gaat de tijd snel vooruit. Maar in multiplayer zou je veel langer moeten wachten omdat de tijd niet kan worden versneld (anders zou iedereen daar last van hebben). Dus daarom is de optie om moe te worden (fatigue) uitgeschakeld als je online speelt.
  10. Haulvoc

    Game "Cities"

  11. Gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag en rol als TGO :)

  12. Haulvoc

    Spamming horn

    Due to lag or desync, it's possible a player is horn spamming without knowing it. I don't recommend reporting a user on the website for this reason. You have the option to (temporarily) disable horn sounds in the TMP settings menu.