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  4. I have no solution for you, but the strange texts are the window plates of other users. Perhaps you can try to remove your own window plates and see if that changes anything. Also, when you configured OBS, did you use the window capture mode? And if so, did you use the window from singleplayer or multiplayer? The window names are different, but if you use singeplayer to set up OBS, it'll also work in multiplayer. I don't know if it's vice versa. Try setting up OBS again using window capture mode and singleplayer. You could also try to change the rendering mode to OpenGL if you're using DX11, or vice versa.
  5. Dug up an older screenshot of it: https://prnt.sc/r7mkt4 Packetloss and sudden drops in bitrate (blue/green graph) and packets (orange/purple) indicate network issues. Also; it never hurts to unplug your ethernet cable on both ends and plug them in again. That has solved issues for me on my old motherboard. I think the ethernet port was damaged on that one. Unplugging my ethernet cable and plugging it back in again with some extra force usually fixed my problem, albeit temporarily. @OldAndSlow You're welcome
  6. If you open the console while connected to a server and type "g_developer 16", a window will appear. It displays accurate information about your connection which should be helpful to determine if your connection is indeed the cause of the problem. I recommend to keep this open and drive around a bit to see if something happens there when you see players behind you trying to dodge you. To disable that window again, type: g_developer 1
  7. It's reckless to speed up to prevent someone from overtaking you. And it's a dick move impolite. There's no specific TMP rule about this, but it's against real life traffic rules and it counts as reckless driving.
  8. In the near future, you'll also need the black sea DLC for promods.
  9. As a player I don't use these commands, but I always used g_set_climate when doing ingame reports, to make the evidence videos more clear. If players can't use it, I hope at least GM+ staff can still use it.
  10. You could try to force an FPS limit. I use the RivaTuner statistics server for that, which comes with MSI Afterburner. If you have Afterburner go to settings and click the On-Screen Display tab and click the More button. There you have to add eurotrucks2.exe to the list and then you can set the maximum allowed FPS. As you want to use vsync, set it slightly above your refresh rate. There can be a delay before the FPS limiter kicks in, so give it some time if you still hear the coil whine.
  11. The only thing I can think of is that you might be using the heavy winter mod (frosty_heavy_winter_7_3.scs) as a standalone mod. If that's the case, you need to also enable the main mod (frosty_7_3.scs). The main mod can be used as a standalone mod, the heavy winter mod requires to main mod to work.
  12. You can make a symbolic link, a function that's built into windows, for this. Cut "Euro Truck Simulator 2" from your documents folder and paste on your HDD. Then make a symbolic link in your documents folder. That way the ETS2 folder still appears to be in your documents folder so the game can still use it, but it won't use any of your SSD space. To make a symbolic link you have to open the command prompt and type the following line exactly as it appears: mklink /D %USERPROFILE%\Documents\"Euro Truck Simulator 2" D:\"Euro Truck Simulator 2" In this example, the folder has been moved to drive D:\ and linked to C:\<username>\Documents If your HDD drive letter and/or destination folder are different, you'll have the change the line accordingly. Folder names or paths with spaces in them need to be enclosed by quotation marks.
  13. The area is designed by SCS. The speed limit is based on the area that SCS marked as a city. It's the area that also triggers the welcome message when you enter it the first time and where time passes slower in single player.
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