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  1. You should have a seperate profile for promods. The first time loading the mod can take a while, even on a fast computer. That's because the game is indexing the files and building a new profile file for later use. After that's done, the loading time will be significantly reduced. However, if you use that profile on a regular server and then go back on a Promods server, this process has to be repeated. Having 2 profiles, 1 regular and 1 promods profile, will prevent that. If you don't want to start from scratch, you can also duplicate an existing profile to use on Promods servers. This guide explains how to do that:
  2. It's indeed a TMP issue. The dev team already know about it.
  3. Haulvoc

    ProMods release

    Middle East is supported, but you don't need to do anything with the mod manager to play online. You only have to put the files in the mod folder and the TMP Client will do the rest. The mod manager is still obsolete and won't show any mods. For single player, that load order is correct.
  4. hey how are u bro :) 

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      I'm fine bro, how are you? ^_^

    2. Drexy/35


      ı am fine bro thanks I wanted to ask how you are :)❤️ 

  5. Ja, dat kan je doen met de Logitech software. Als je nog geen profiel voor het spel hebt kun je die het beste eerst aanmaken, zodat dit alleen voor ETS2 en/of ATS werkt. Dan klik je onderaan op het stuurtje en krijg je alle knoppen te zien. Als je met de muis over een knop beweegt zie je een pijltje waar je op kan klikken. Als je dat doet kun je de functie van die knop aanpassen. De software is bij mij in het Engels, maar met deze 2 plaatjes moet het lukken: https://prnt.sc/pfb41z https://prnt.sc/pfb4tl
  6. It's possible through save editing. I'll assume you already know how to save edit. Find the trailer definition section for the trailer combination. Change country_validity: X to country_validity: 0 and remove the countries that are list below that line. Save and then load the save ingame. You should be able to move the trailers to any garage and jobs will also work with them, even WoT jobs. However, be careful with HTC's. Not every company yard or service station can fit them and you might get damaged and/or launched into the air when spawning in areas that are not prepared for HCT trailers. To a lesser extend, the same might apply to doubles in countries that don't allow them officially. Personally, I only experienced problems with HCT's and triples (when triples were still allowed). Use this information at your own risk.

    hello today i found out i ate ban multiplier in the video my sorry




    1. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI



      The forums are not the place to talk about bans. Please create a ban appeal and await a reply here.


      If you disagree with the ban then please create a feedback ticket to management here.


      // Locked



  8. Ahoj! Happy birthday! :love:

  9. This is an excellent suggestion to me, thanks @Joao Rodrigues for reviving this topic. I have suggested this in a conversation on our staff discord before, but failed to make a proper suggestion topic about it. We have tools to determine the age of evidence submitted to us, but this would certainly make it easier for both players and staff. There's a command to display the server time, but including it in the /pinfo command would be even better. +1
  10. 打扰一下您,我需要请求帮助!



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      I don't quite understand the problem, you have a better chance to get help here: https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/forum/26-chinese-discussion

    2. [Dragon] *ZiYingQianXia

      [Dragon] *ZiYingQianXia


  11. Happy Kid Fabirthday! :P

    1. Kid Fabi

      Kid Fabi

      Thank you ^_^

  12. The devs are not in charge of making such announcements on this website/forum. I personally have no problem with it, but it could lead to false expectations. Only when the update is ready for everyone, it will be announced. And after that, it's still likely that previous unknown bugs will need to be fixed to make it stable. But now this is out in the open, I hope some people will have a better understanding of why it's taking longer than usual to prepare TMP for 1.35. Some people have called @mwl4 lazy. But he is working hard and he even worked on this update on his birthday.
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  13. Hi, It's not necessary to start a new profile after downgrading. Profiles are automatically backed up when an update is released. You just have to copy them back into your profiles folder. The backup is in Documents\American Truck Simulator\profiles(version.number).bak If you want to keep the progress you made in 1.35 for when the TruckersMP update gets released, you should manually backup the profiles folder before doing this.
  14. I try to keep the honking (beeping ) to a minimum. I greet using my headlights or beacons, and honk when a player honked or flashed at me and I'm too late to flash back. So basically, what SuperHoops said
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