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  1. G29 or G920

    If it's for PC only: G29. If it's for PC and PS4/3: G29. If it's for PC and XBOX: G920.
  2. @ScaniaFan89 Nothing wrong with it, it was a pleasant surprise when I found that flag in the list.
  3. The flag of Palestine is also in that DLC, so I suppose SCS don't mind adding flags that some people might find controversial. You have my vote.
  4. I like trucking



    1. ScaniaFan89


      is it wrong that i automatically started replacing " truck & trucking " with something else, you would never see this in today's PC world!


      well the closest thing to it is if you search " Carly Craig in 'Hot Girl. Big Truck. Eating A Popsicle "



  5. alibi video for unknown user

    You can upload it somewhere and send the link to the innocent player, so they can use it in their ban appeal. I'm not sure if forum usernames are linked to ingame names, but you can try to find them here on the forum and send a message. If they don't use the forum you could check out their profile on the main website and see if they display their Steam ID.
  6. Error, conection, HELP.

    WARNING: Do not drive around while this is happening! To other players you are visible and you will hit them without noticing. To them it will look like you use a no collision hack. This is the third post about this problem I've seen in only a couple of days. Two people were banned because of this, although one of them got unbanned soon after explaining what actually happened. The other person is still banned. Edit: The other person also got unbanned.
  7. Quick Save and Quick Load trick Usage

    In the situation as described by you, I sometimes use it. Last time I announced in chat what I was about to do, but some joker still typed REC BAN in chat. I don't think he was serious about it, though. But in any case, make sure you are recording so you can prove your innocence in case you get banned.
  8. freezing error causing perma ban

    They aren't there on his screen so his game doesn't register any hits. Don't judge too quickly.
  9. Is it me or is the rain bugged

    Not long ago someone posted about the same problem. Sleeping fixed it for them.
  10. Quicksave on F9 hotkey disables chat

    It's not a mistake, but a missing feature. Remember that TruckersMP is still in alpha stage. I think it's a good feature to request, along with the ability to remap other TruckersMP keys. If it hasn't been suggested before: Here's your chance.
  11. Beacon Script - Enforcing Rule

    Maybe not for you and me. But some people play on potatoes and I do think they can suffer from too many dynamic lights. If other people start to lag from this, everybody close to them will have to cope with it. Also, beacons are overused and kill realism. IRL they are only used for wide/heavy/special transports. And sometimes to greet other truckers.
  12. Speed Limit Aftermath and Scania R730

    150 Is still too fast. Too many people approach junctions at full speed in heavy traffic; which either results in people not being able to cross or merge, or in accidents. And too many of those speeding dimwits prefer to let an accident happen so they can yell "REC BAN", over using their brakes and showing a little patience. So no, I don't think the number of accidents have significantly been reduced. For that we need to also reduce the number of people with no regard for other road users.
  13. Suggestion Name: How was the problem solved? Suggestion Description: Ask people who asked for help how they solved their problem; if they found a solution and didn't post details about it. Any example images: Why should it be added?: To provide better service. I've seen some topics where to OP said their problem was solved, without explaining how they solved it. I think it will be useful to ask them how they did it, before closing the topic. If possible, allow further replies only for the OP and forum staff after the OP said their problem was solved. Send them a reminder and allow them some days to respond before closing a topic completely. I think this will be especially helpful to people using the search function before opening their own topic.