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  1. Because they can't win in a racing game. Racing on roads with a lot of slow trucks to overtake and pissing a lot of people off makes them feel like true winners.
  2. Public Convoy 20th May 2018

    I hope y'all had fun, for me it was a waste of 1 hour. When I finally got through the queue I got disconnected because my session was invalid (or something along those lines) and I couldn't get back in the queue. I'm not complaining nor criticizing, because well..., crap happens. Hope it will be better next time.
  3. External Contracts Problem

    No idea if this will be of any help, but it doesn't hurt to try: Save the game while you're near the trailer and load an older save (from before you accepted the job). This will suspend the WoT job. Now load the save near the trailer again and go to the main menu, where you can resume your WoT delivery. Perhaps this will reset something to make it possible to pick up the load.
  4. Public Convoy 20th May 2018

    Cool, count me in
  5. H-shifter doesnt work in MP

    I've never used Xpadder, but I assume it must be running to make your custom H shifter work. Try running it as administrator.
  6. Released

    After 9pm/8pm UK you will get the warning.
  7. why youtbers and streamers cheat?

    I'd say playing online is cheating because there's no AI traffic to slow you down. I'm not a streamer nor a youtuber but my ETS2MP profile is cheated to the max, simply because I don't care about the whole company feature in MP. It's just about driving, meeting other truckers and doing convoys. I find it more fun to do serious trucking in single player, where the world is more realistic. Although, I have to admit that I haven't touched single player since I started with ETS2MP. Also, we're alpha (or is et beta now?) testers. Things will probably be different when the project is done. If there's gonna be a serverside economy which affects us in way that makes "cheating" actual cheating, I won't do it anymore. By that time we're all gonna have to start from zero. And by that time I hope the online trucking world to be more lively, with thousands of truckers on a server and not too many servers to separate us. For now I think it helps the devs if we have access to all trucks, accessories etc. so it can all be thoroughly tested.
  8. Dangerous Overtaking sometimes affects your driving

    It happened to me in this video at 1:55
  9. Is Resting bugged?

    Fatigue isn't simulated because sleeping in singleplayer skips time and that isn't possible in multiplayer, where the server controls the time.
  10. Ping?

    That's almost a delay of one second, which is too high. Turn off download/upload programs or other programs that make heavy use of your connection. If you're on wireless, try a wired connection.
  11. Can't load save game

    If you used the command/config.cfg line to reset the economy you might have forgotten to turn it off. If it's enabled you always start at your garage without a trailer after loading a save.
  12. POLL: Do you use the Winter Mod?

    I use it this year. I didn't like the one from last year because of the invisible road markings but this version is more subtle. I don't like the snow effect while driving though, so turned that off after the first trip.
  13. Fuel conservation tips for MP

    This is true in real life but I'm not sure this is simulated by the game. I once saw a video of someone on the forums here (forgot who it was), participating in a topic that was about setting records. He was going for highest fuel efficiency and he got first place. In the video he made to prove it, he turned his engine off and on all the time to safe fuel and at the end his efficiency was was ridiculously high, which lead me to believe starting your engine has no effect on overall fuel usage. Or perhaps SCS patched it by now.
  14. What do you think about this overtaking?

    In ETS2MP terms, it was a good move. Not to be used in RL though...
  15. OBS ETS2 capturing

    I use OBS. It runs best when you use nvenc as encoder, since you have an nvidia card. Quality is lower than x264 but it's good enough for reports. You can also set a high bitrate without negative effects for your gameplay. If you still get crashes, go to advanced options and set Keyframe Interval to 1. Having it on 0 (automatic) made it crash for me, although that was with an earlier version.