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  1. Mo1993

    Remove speed limits from EU#4 server.

    I completely agree with this suggestion and do believe it should be implemented! +1 love greetings Mo1993
  2. Mo1993

    Automatic crash reporter

    It facilitates the work of the managers and helps them to get comfortable,It looks like a good idea.+1 love greetings Mo1993
  3. Hy My Firend  How are you? 

    love greetings Mo1993


    1. Chris I Camox

      Chris I Camox

      Hey @Mo1993,


      I'm fine anyway thanks for your question.

      I hope you too? :) 

      Have a great day.


      Greetings Chris

    2. Mo1993


      I also wish you the same. :)

    3. Chris I Camox
  4. Congrats, good luck & have fun!;)

  5. @?? Powerful You've got a really nice profile picture.:love:

  6. Really looking forward to this event! Would highly recommend all TruckersMP users to try attend this if they can as this is a one of a kind event
  7. Mo1993

    Game "Cities"

  8. Happy birthday :)

    1. RaichuTR


      Thank you :)

  9. Good morning have a nice day ;)  love greetings Mo1993:check:

    1. BlackSkill


      Good Morning, I wish you a great weekend ^_^

  10. Mo1993

    Bann die Person über dir [German Edition]

    Gebannt weil du unrecht hast (selbst gemacht das orginal 3D druck steht im pc)
  11. Happy birthday:)

  12. Happy birthday:)