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  1. Owen.

    TruckersMP Team

    [OFFICIAL STREAMER] @owen6116 leaves the team due to lack of time.
  2. Support Team Recruitment From the 18th of October until the 18th of November, we will be looking for talented individuals to join our Support Team. Support is a very important role within the team since you will provide technical assistance to users who urgently need it. Starting as a Support Trainee under the supervision of Support Management, you will learn about the job and will complete a test to see if you are a valuable asset for the Support Team. After this, you will become Trial Support, where you are helping people on the forum, Discord and the Support System. Finally, if your work is up to the high standards set by the Support Management, you will become a full member of the Support Team and provide assistance to players all across the TruckersMP platform. Core Requirements Have good knowledge of TruckersMP and the rules Must be a member of TruckersMP for at least 12 months Must be registered on the TruckersMP forum for at least 3 months Must be at least 16 years old No bans / forum or Discord punishments within the last 12 months; Must have no more than 3 bans in the last 24 months Must have overall good behaviour, which includes forum, Discord and our official social media pages You have sufficient knowledge of the English language Good communication skills Resilient, active and flexible Ability to work within a team and on your own at times Eager to learn and progress your knowledge Organised and adaptive Be able to accept constructive criticism Showing regular helpful activity on our forum as well as on our official Discord server; Specific Qualifications: Good problem solver Enjoyment in helping other users Experienced with using Discord and the TruckersMP Forum Languages: We are mainly looking for the following languages, however, we will be flexible. Spanish Russian Turkish Romanian Portuguese German Before you submit an application, we strongly recommend you to read the following Knowledge Base article with many tips and information regarding our recruiting process: https://truckersmp.com/kb/1019 If you think that you'd be a valuable asset for the Support Team, you can apply here.
  3. Real Operations 12

    #DiggersUnited #SaveAllDiggers


    What an amazing event, over the past four hours I've seen some great stuff and I am glad to have spent it with such dabtastic people. 





    Thanks to everyone who helped out and, most importantly, thanks for participating. 


    ~ Owen. ~


    Mentions: @Slakkie4x2 @ReacherK @[C-S] Shadii. @Velo. @RadioSkinner @Azuly @Strad❤️



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    2. Azuly


      It was a great event! Thanks everyone ❤️ 



    3. Velo.


      Was great working the second op with you and the rest of the group ❤️

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Brilliant photos, sure was a fantastic event 😍🥰❤️

  4. The Truck Job Dispatcher does not track or log jobs, it creates them. There are many third party services that provide a job logging tool, I hope this helps!
  5. Dabtastic Convoy w/ @.Stan @Coolio85 @HandOfClash



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    2. .Stan


      Truly dabtastic photo :kappa:

    3. HandOfClash


      Dab on that one 872539451044294677.gif?v=1 ❤️ Was lovely ma dude :love:

    4. HandOfClash
  6. An amazing video was produced by our Community Contributor Toast, it gives a great insight into the new feature! Check it out here:
  7. Hello truckers! Are you ready for a new and exciting feature here at TruckersMP? For a long time now people have been planning trips with friends and there has always been one recurring problem, you can never find the same job! Well, we now have a solution to that, introducing the Truck Job Dispatcher. The dispatcher does a very simple thing, it creates jobs. An entirely new system has been introduced with an interesting and helpful user interface that explains all the basics, you can select your starting company and a specific cargo to carry and you can then share this job publicly, privately or directly with your Steam friends. This introduces a whole new way to drive around the map with your friends and you will never have to worry about not having the same job ever again. You can find this new feature by opening your TAB menu and clicking your right mouse button, then you can navigate to a newly added button in the bottom left. Frequently Asked Questions: Will this be available for both games? Yes, definitely, this new feature will work in both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, as well as with the ProMods and ProMods Canada map modifications. How will this work with DLCs? If you do not have a certain DLC, such as the Heavy Cargo Pack, then the cargos and trailers from this DLC will not be accessible to you and they will not show in the listings. How does it add a job to my game? Quite simply, you will open the Truck Job Dispatcher via the Tab menu and configure the job to your liking, then you will be able to go through some checkboxes to either start the job immediately or to navigate to the company that you have selected. After selecting how you want to collect your new job you will then hit the create button and you will be all ready to hit the road. Check out the new additions to our Context Menu and the Job Dispatcher icon on the TAB menu: How do I invite someone to take a job with me? When you have a job from the dispatcher you can then right-click on someone’s username in the Tab menu and invite them to take a job with you, the user you invite will then have the opportunity to accept or decline this offer in chat, a prompt will be sent to them explaining what to do. We hope that you enjoy this new feature and have fun travelling with the same cargo as your fellow truckers! If you would like to see the Truck Job Dispatcher in action and find out more about how it works, then check out the most recent video on our YouTube channel here! TruckersMP Team --> View post on homepage
  8. Hello there, This Guide is similar to an already created guide here: Therefore this guide will be archived. /Moved to Archive
  9. Then you might as well save edit the paintjob then because no one else would see the paintjob. Mods and DLCs do not work in the same way. The content for DLCs is available in the game (users who don't own the content cannot use it) whereas mods are stored locally so for others to see the paintjobs they'd also need to have the files locally, therefore this is practically pointless if others do not download them. Hence why we cannot support mods in that way.
  10. /Moved to Game Suggestions
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