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  1. Thank you to everyone who shared their opinion on the addition of Alternating Vehicles. The feedback and opinions were very helpful and I hope that we could provide some further insight into why certain things have not been done. I hope to see you in the next Hot Topic soon!
  2. This is a known bug as far as I am aware and hopefully it will be or has been fixed! Yeah I agree with! The photos that I have managed to take with these vehicles has been interesting for sure. Hope that you are enjoying the latest additions! Really appreciate your comment here Alek and I think you have raised some good points and I'm glad you have taken into consideration the work load for these things. I think this would be great to see also but all these vehicles will stay for only two weeks so an interior would be pretty futile in the long ru
  3. ❤️ Iberia w/ @Coolio85 ❤️




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  4. Dear players, Today we are celebrating seven years of TruckersMP! A multiplayer modification surrounded by an awesome community. Every tireless night of development has been worth it, and we are still going strong today. In May of 2020, we turned six years old and it was only right that we celebrated with a festival! The six hour festival was supported by our partner TruckersFM and we had a massive party. In June, we supported the Grimes Summer Mod which gave the community a summer experience on our servers! July brought us the very first Patreon Convoy which gave those who support us a chan
  5. I can understand your thoughts on this to be honest and I think a lot of people may share them. What I would say is that at TruckersMP we always look for ways to keep people entertained and I think driving a truck all the time can get a bit tiresome and boring, obviously this is not the case for you - which is great. However, some people really enjoy the new vehicles and so I suppose it is all about your own personal opinion. Though I appreciate you sharing your opinion!
  6. We swap our vehicle votes so that the community can vote across different platforms. I understand why it may be frustrating but there are some people who may only have Twitter and so on - we have to cater for everyone I am afraid I do not believe that all of these cars will be added. Currently the alternating vehicles are a fun feature that change bi-weekly to keep people entertained. It would not be viable to add all of these cars to the game permanently as it would add so much more time to a game update. We will see As I have explained many times before th
  7. Hello everyone, We would like to invite you to vote for the next set of alternating vehicles. The vehicles you are able to vote for are on the ground floor. The winning vehicle will be added to the servers on Monday, 3rd of May. If you own the current public alternating vehicle (the UAZ minibus) then it will be replaced by the the new one upon release; there is no selling or repurchasing required. This poll will close on Friday, 30th of April. The vehicles on the top floor are part of the Patreon vote. To vote for these vehicles, you
  8. I think skimp is the wrong word here. To ask our voluntary add-on team to create an interior for four vehicles within a week or so period is quite the ask and to make an interior is rather complicated. As far as I am aware the sounds for these vehicles are already curated or are much more simple to gain (I am not knowledgeable in the add-on creation of these vehicles). So I hope this answers your question - we would if we could see it as a viable thing to do but it is not really that simple. This is not really in line with the discussion but there is a speed limit that is serve
  9. I understand what you are saying but what I want to point out is that even if there were no cars in the game at all, these collisions would still happen with trucks so the situation would not change - just the vehicle that is used. But our moderation team are working their hardest to handle those who break our rules. I hear you! The cars are really nice, but then I suppose they would not be alternating
  10. @Santi.You just got me to 1000 Rep points, thank you! ❤️😆

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  11. Hello everyone! Welcome to the 36th instalment of our Hot Topic. For this instalment we want to gather people's thoughts and opinions on one of the most recent projects within TruckersMP: Alternating Vehicles. What do you think so far? Have you participated in the voting? Have you been driving the new vehicles? Feel free to let us know your thoughts below!
  12. Thanks everyone for sharing your opinions on the new Renault T facelifts which we will hopefully see on TruckersMP servers soon. It was great to hear what everyone thought of them and I hope you're all looking forward to the next Hot Topic! Speak to you all again soon!
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  14. Thanks for all the birthday wishes everyone! ❤️ 

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