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  1. A L'auto Express Virtual convida você para simular conosco. Segue o link: https://discord.gg/kPJDVwE

  2. No Euro tenho todas menos o ultimo mapa que saiu
  3. A sensibilidade do meu freio é no minimo pois eu usava na epoca que eu tinha meu volante
  4. 3 loads left for me to complete. I'm not very focused because next week is test week and I don't want to take zero
  5. My favorite radio is TruckersFM. This is very show. With current music that gives you a great mass and makes your trip more exciting.
  6. Yes. Preferably a lining, backcountry and an electronics.
  7. Good but I believe they always strive to update the same games as in an update that had both games were updated equal.
  8. I must have about 66% of the map completed, but I was close to close but I formatted the wrong PC and ended up deleting the partition where all the backup was so losing my profile.
  9. I particularly have a passion for surfboards.
  10. I've played about 2008 hours of Euro Truck Simulator 2
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