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  1. THIS GUIDE IS NOW OUTDATED. PLEASE REFER TO THIS GUIDE FOR UPDATED INFORMATION Many people have been wondering what this little thing below their forum name is and how it can be changed. Today, I want to reveal information about that since the number of people who wrote topics asking exactly that is very high! First of all, I want everybody to understand the difference between the rank on the forum and the role an individual can have. The forum rank is increasing the more posts you submit whereas a role is something you get through recruitments. A role can be everything from a Player to a Supporter or even a Community Manager. The rank on the forum, however, cannot be changed as simply as the role. It needs hard work and patience. Submitting topics, creating useful content and replying to discussions is a great way to enhance the rank. Once you have reached 100 posts on the forum, the rank can be changed and customised. Until then, you will automatically get a rank assigned. Beneath, there is a breakdown of the names, numbers and images which come with the respective rank: 0 to 14 posts No Cargo 15 to 29 posts 1t Caravan 30 to 49 posts 3t Helicopter 50 to 74 posts 3t Young Seedlings 75 to 99 posts 4t Ventilation Shaft 100 to 149 posts 6t Braco Vans 150 to 299 posts 6t Yacht 300 to 449 posts 7t Cars 450 to 599 posts 8t Electronics 600 to 749 posts 8t Digger 500 750 to 949 posts 8t Roller DYNA 950 to 1149 posts 8t Driller D-50 1150 to 1349 posts 9t Roadroller 1350 to 1499 posts 11t Forklifts 1500 to 1699 posts 11t Tractors 1700 to 1899 posts 12t Fuel Tanker 1900 to 1999 posts 14t Live Cattle 2000 to 2199 posts 15t Digger 1000 2200 to 2399 posts 19t Pressure Tank 2400 to 2599 posts 20t Bulldozer 2600 to 2799 posts 21t Glass Panels 2800 to 2999 posts 22t Wall Panels 3000 to 3499 posts 23t Floor Panels 3500 to 3999 posts 25t Crawler Tractor 4000 to 4499 posts 28t Metal Centering 4500 to 4999 posts 34t Industrial Cable Reel 5000 to 5499 posts 35t All Terrain Crane 5500 to 5999 posts 39t Dozer Crawl 6000 to 6400 posts 40t Scraper 6500 to 6999 posts 43t Milling Machine 7000 to 7499 posts 44t Asphalt Miller 7500 to 7999 posts 47t Transformer 8000 to 8499 posts 51t Concrete Beams 8500 to 8999 posts 53t Lift Truck 9000 to 9999 posts 61t Vossloh G6 Locomotive at least 10000 posts King of all Cargo! 100 posts = Ability to set custom rank Hopefully, this will clear things up! If you were one of those people who always wondered what this is and it can be changed, I am really glad to have published that. Should there be any questions about things that are not entirely clear, make sure to reply to this topic and I will answer them accordingly as soon as possible. The Community Management
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