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  1. Good afternoon,

    What do you think about this photo? :):):)



  2. Besides the truck is wonderful the snoring and beautiful what did you think?




    Good afternoon



  3. Foot on the road, heading for more work.

    Run after your dream !!!


  4. Good morning Good afternoon Good night. I come across this post to say that we must proliferate peace and friendship in the game so that it flows normally without any disagreement between players as this can bring bad things. For example: Suggestion Name: Friendship between TrucksMP Shooting Partners Suggestion. Description: This is a related post for the welfare of all players in the community. Why should it be added ?: Because I report how the game can flow normally without any enmities.
  5. Hoje foi um dia bem tenso, passei por algo que não desejo a ninguém, mas fiz todas as coisas possíveis que consegui no momento. 




    Imagem do acontecimento:


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