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  1. Hello, I'm really looking forward to the big day, I can be present at this great event. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
  2. Hello, Congratulations on the suggestion, I really liked it, how about improving the car's physics first? Like your stability for example? I think its use would be more interesting. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
  3. Hola, Tiene problemas en la entrega de remolques triples debido al tamaño del remolque, es decir, no todos los lugares pueden estacionarlo debido a que las empresas son pequeñas para el tamaño de los remolques. Espero haberte podido ayudar. Atentamente, Lobo negro dañino
  4. Hola, Felicitaciones por la traducción fue muy buena, además de ayudar a nuestros amigos españoles. Atentamente, Lobo negro dañino
  5. Hello, Congratulations to the winners and all the players who participated, all the photos were very beautiful. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
  6. Hello, Congratulations, this mod is very useful for creating a sensational trailer. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
  7. Hello, Congratulations, this tool was very well developed from 2016 to 2018. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
  8. Hello, This helps a lot because you can see the places you want to go that don't have a lot of players. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
  9. Hello, It does not yet have a pre-defined release date for 1.37 online, due to the fact that they are still making their due adjustments in the new version so that there will be no problems after its big release, so what remains for us and enjoy 1.36 while not the new version for multiplayer has been released. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
  10. Hello, The speed limit must be maintained because for some it can bring benefits and for other harm, for example one may know how to enjoy it well and the other may come to hinder another player because he does not know how to use this released speed correctly, due to what he has the arcade servers to enjoy the speed as much as you want without harming another player. Best regards, Harmful Black Wolf
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