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  1. NightSword^

    Crash du launcher

    //Locked & moved to inactif Contacted by pm 5.02.20
  2. //Locked & moved to résolu
  3. Merci pour ton retour Bonne route ! Cordialement, //locked & moved to résolu
  4. Bonsoir @ylejeune, Vous devez copier coller votre adresse mail (CTRL C / CTRL V). Vous pouvez aussi maintenir la touche ALT puis taper 064 et relacher Cordialement,
  5. Dear @loren_9ray, Has it said above, you need to create a support ticket. Without this one, we cannot disable 2fa Let us know if you have any further question here ! We are waiting your ticket. Regards
  6. Happy Valentine's Day 

    With my @Babou71 🙈😅



    1. Babou71


      You are a troll :troll:

    2. knight^


      Nice photo

    3. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Have a nice trip! ❤🚔


  7. //Locked & moved to inactif
  8. //Locked & moved to solved
  9. Hello there, We are happy to hear that your problem is now solved ! Thanks all for your precious help here, and welcome back in game ! Yours sincerely, //Locked & moved to solved
  10. Buenos dias , Debe verificar que tenga ETS2: "NINGUNO, no participar en ninguna prueba BETA". ATS "NINGUNO, no participe en ninguna prueba BETA”. Para comprobar esto, vaya al cliente de Steam : > Biblioteca > Juegos > Clic derecho en ETS2 > Propiedades > BETAS > Ponga ETS2 "NINGUNO, no participe en ninguna prueba BETA” | ATS "NINGUNO, no participe en ninguna prueba BETA”. No solvada ? https://forum.truckersmp.com/index.php?/topic/47822-unsupported-game-version-detected-if-game-meets-the-requirements/
  11. Hola @SEGA ESP , Puedes utilizar esto : https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/109 NightSword^
  12. Hola @XTAX , Ensayo de desinstaladores de TruckersMP: > Ventanas + R > datos del programa > Suprimir el dossier TruckersMP > https://truckersmp.com/download > Siga las instrucciones > Abrir el lanzador en el administrador Cordialmente,
  13. Buenas tarde @Mortadela200g , ¿Está su problema resuelto? Cordialmente
  14. Hola @SrMeca-UY , ¿Está su problema resuelto? Cordialmente
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