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  1. @InfoBlock Would you be able to post the code you are trying to run then someone might be able to help you?
  2. Hey! Unfortunately only the default scout police accessories are available for the duration of the event since the other police cars are limited to Game Moderation staff only.
  3. make sure to stayed tuned regarding that
  4. Hai pro nub baby.

  5. Coolio85

    New Merch!

    Hey @MarkON, Sorry about the delay and I wish we had some better news however at this current moment there isn't an update on the store returning, however it is near the top of our list to try and get resolved as soon as we can. Thanks! Kind regards, Coolio85
  6. Added Official Streamer requirements: Be able to stream at a minimum quality of 720p and 60 FPS Have previous streaming experience with at least a few viewers
  7. Hey! The issue with the navigation icons was fixed earlier today. Happy trucking!
  8. Hey! Thank you for your follow!

  9. Happy Birthday! ❤️

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