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  1. Hey Muhammad!

    Thank you so much for the follow!! ❤️ 

  2. Thank you so much for the follow!

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      np :HaulieLove:, and thank you for follow back! :HaulieLove: @LillefixHD

  3. Hey truckers!


    I am today attending and streaming live at RISING OCTOBER CONVOY #86!


    Come over and say hey ❤️ 

    Click here to lurk the stream

  4. Hey HOC!

    Congratulations on your promotion as Game Moderator ❤️ Keep up the good work man ❤️ 

  5. Rather play low graphics in a crowded area than removing my strobes. if your hardware cannot manage High graphic settings in a crowded place, then what do you do? You turn it Down
  6. Hey there trucker! I am not really sure why we should have a limit of strobes. Yes they may cause lag but you could decrease your graphic settings to avoid that. To be really honest with this question, i think saveedition is the main reason for the cause of laggins. I see more and more save-edited trucks that are edited so horrible that you gain a massive lag while being nearby that player. so i am not sure why the limit should be put at strobes, as strobes are barely making any issue with lagging atall.
  7. Hey truckers!


    I am today attending and streaming live at Prime Logistics's 4th ANNIVERSARY Convoy!


    Come over and say hey ❤️ 

    Click here to lurk the stream

  8. Hey Babymeeen!


    Congratz on making it into the Reportmeeen team ❤️ 

  9. Hey there Trucker! When i started to play the Euro Truck Simulator game, i picked the really nice Scania 2009 model. I have been a Scania person for many years, so Scania was obvious my first and only choice. Now in 2022 is it still a Scania
  10. Hey truckers!


    I am once again streaming!


    Today i am streaming live at the

    Cancer Awareness 2022 Convoy


    Lurks are appreciated ❤️


  11. Hey Warrior!

    Thank you so much for the follow ❤️ 

  12. Congrats! Keep up the good work ❤️ 

  13. Hey there trucker! This question is a bit hard to answer. As you may already see people has alot of different opinions about how they feel about this rule changing. To be honest i were not really excited when i heard about this rule was changed. Over the years of being within the community, i had seen a lot of players who simply should not have been given this chance. However we are only humans after all and, at the end of the day a "last chance" would be fair for the users to prove that they have been growing along with their punishment. We do also need to look at the fact that this rule most likely was changed because both it was outdated (made back when TMP became big and there was a high amount of ban-evaders), and because the community are dieing slowly. By changing this rule they are re-gaining some former players which increases the daily activity again. Over the past 2 years it has been seen that alot of players had moved away from TruckersMP, which is very sad when thinking about how much the TruckersMP Team are trying to run this modification for it's players. I find it quite funny to hear that this rule was updated, because if i were not a player who actually did care about the community, and the actual state of it then it would perhaps be me sitting on a ban. Over the years as i have been a member here, i had gotten myself into situations which i were not proud of, nor something i am today. However i would want to make it even, and prove for the community that i had been growing over the time of my ban, and prove for them that i was someone who had to be allowed back into the community. Some players are young when arriving but grows "mature" over the time as years are passing. What is your opinion about it?
  14. Exactly. SCS Software has 100% copyrights of their game and codes, TruckersMP simply would become a lawcase in Court if they were to stop the current "deal/contract" that for sure is in place However i do not believe that SCS would make any changes towards the work of TruckersMP despite that they are running their own version now
  15. Hey Amelia!

    Thank you so much for the follow!

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