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  1. 12 hour session done! Decided to take some nice photos - 





    Thank you @Stece_Sama & @TheWelsh1

  2. I've finally managed to hit 1000 hours on Euro Truck Simulator 2.

    Thank you TruckersMP for allowing me to hit this target with your multiplayer mod.



    1. Truckerpilot


      Nice! I would be at more than 1000Hrs but i was unable to play for a whole year sadly. Due to a heart problem that almost whipped me off the earth.... But thankfully im good now so grinding too that 1,000 almost there 😁

  3. 12 hour session? Check

    Drove with the same guy for 12 hours? Check
    Survived the C-D Road? Check

    Did 12,229 KM? Check

    Feels really nice to do long sessions in TruckersMP. You get to meet some great people!



  4. I mainly like empty areas more to be honest. I’ve always been that way since I started playing TruckersMP. I do sometimes like to go to busy areas but I always tend to get a truck crashing into me.
  5. Hopefully everybody had a fantastic new year!  Unfortunately I won’t be on the road today as I’m working 11 hours (in retail).


    Stay safe and let’s see what 2020 brings in store for everyone! ❤️

  6. ets2_20191228_112048_00.png


    12 Deliveries Done! Let's see where we are going next...

  7. It's never late to do the last minute deliveries for presents... 😉



  8. ets2_20191226_205035_00.png


    On the road once more! 

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