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  1. Quite like the sound of this. Anything that can be done to more severely punish trolls as well as reckless drivers has to be a good thing! Regards; RB.
  2. Hello I have a question; in the requirements post it states that, ...attend convoys at weekends. Can anyone advise if this is every weekend, or one weekend within a month? I work full time so finding the time to attend convoys isn’t easy, let alone at weekends, which I only get one weekend off a month, and I’m not particularly keen on giving that up for driving. Any help is appreciated! RB.
  3. The Baltic Sea DLC area is my favourite area to drive. Despite being single carriageway they're incredibly flowing and so easy to drive on! Southern Italy is also gorgeous, and given the fact this is so far removed from the main part of the map, those you tend to meet driving that way are usually skilled, serious drivers which makes for such a much nicer experience, as opposed to some antics in Western Germany! Safe travels! Robert.
  4. I was minding my own one day on Multiplayer, and starting to get a bit bored of the same old, same old, when I noticed a large proportion of other players passing me all seemed to belong to one VTC or another. This began my intrigue, and went looking thru this forum, where I happened upon Prime Logistics. It was all a new experience for me, but the Recruitment team made me feel welcome, and there's some good people there behind the scenes keeping things running well, and I'm proud to be wearing their livery when I'm out on the roads in TMP. It really has brought a whole new level of fun to the game! If you're looking for a VTC to join for the first time, I would really recommend them!
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