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  1. Least used is the Iveco Stralis for me. I quite like the Hi-Way model, however. Next would be Renault, the Magnum is a bit of a "joke", I have never driven this on ETS. The Premium is okay, I have used that on occasion. Next up, probably the Scania, the popularity of them in the game means I don't drive them so much, especially the Streamline and older models, again, I don't think I have ever used these in-game!
  2. Places unique to ProMods in Poland I have found to be simply amazing. Some beautiful smaller roads to explore!! Earlier today I travelled the E6 South from Kirkenes across into Finland. Now that has some beautiful views!! Highly recommended. Best Wishes; ~RB
  3. Transinet, Cambridge. A bit random, but it's my home station from when I used to play only single player back in the day. Don't visit there nowhere near as often any more, sadly.
  4. Favourite colours....that of my current VTC, Pries Logistics. The black grill just compliments the paint scheme like no other. Amazing, even if I say so myself Best Wishes; ~RB
  5. 75% of the time I will drive to near exact Simulation standards, even stopping at red lights when there is no-one around. The only thing I often disobey is the 60km/h limit on small rounds in Germany, where I will usually sit between 70-80km/h depending on the road layout. At all times I will not normally drive above 90km/h, although most of my cargos are external market or external cargo so I do not have a lot of choice, but I just love the simulation driving. Not just because of my status, I was doing this well before All the best; ~RB
  6. Its been a few days since I last posted a small status update, so here it is! 


    Friday I attended the first Prime VTC weekly convoy with my new VTC, Pries. It made a real change to actually be driving one of Prime's convoys, instead of being staff for it. 


    I ran the convoy alongside former Prime colleague @DJ Flynnand we both had a good time chatting away with a few others, Primes ace media guy @issam0707grabbed this lovely photograph of the pair of us during the drive too! 


    I hope you are all having a great weekend. 


    Peace and Love;

    ~RB ❤️



    1. Beenz.


      You see it would've been better if I was there 


    2. RB1988


      It would have been, yes :) 

  7. Why you ban me because im waitnig at the red light?

    1. kacperixs :D
    2. RB1988


      Hi kacperixs;

      Please feel free to appeal the ban by visiting https://truckersmp.com/appeals and I will explain in detail there soon :)

    3. Chev




      Talking about punishments on our forum is not allowed.


      Please refer to RB’s comment on what to do in regards to your ban.



  8. Congratulations on TMP Events Team :D 

  9. Sorry I was forgot to following you :D

    1. RB1988


      Haha :D No problem my friend :)

  10. It's been a very great evening running around Simulation 1 with a few pals from my old and new VTC :)


    @DJ Flynn @18Wheeler (CC) @ProbablyPoland @Beep Boop Coming Through

    I hope you are all having a great weekend so far!!


    Peace and Love





    1. Alon_TMP


      Wow  nice ^_^

    2. Angel .

      Angel .

      it was good to see you 😊

    3. Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Spig_Xiao Zhu

      Happy driving, happy on the road!😊😋

  11. Thanks for the follow ❤️

  12. So then. Today started a new chapter in my ETS2/TMP career. I have left Prime Logistics after 14 months of hard graft, where I enjoyed every minute, making some great friends along the way. But, new challenges await, and I am now a proud member of Pries Logistics, and I've already hit the ground running with 2 convoys attended back to back this evening in their colours, along with former Prime VTC member and good friend @Beep Boop Coming Through


    I cannot wait to get started hauling some cargoes for them very soon!! Exciting times ahead for sure :)


    Peace and Love



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    2. TFM DJ ccowie

      TFM DJ ccowie

      I hope you enjoy your time in the new VTC!

    3. RB1988


      I loved my time in Prime. They’ll always be a special VTC for me, I don’t doubt I’ll still drive with some of you guys for some time yet 😉



    4. ProbablyPoland


      Hey RB. Best of luck out there for Pries and hopefully I'll see you on the road again. ;)

  13. I had a great time yesterday evening taking charge of Truck Stop Radio's 4th, and regretfully last Convoy, however, I can promise that something even better will be coming very soon!! Thank you to all the staff members who helped out, and thanks to @Kid Fabi  and @[LKW Tr] Supreme for lending a hand as GM Support (I've no idea why I can't tag Supreme)



  14. RB big fan 😍

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