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  1. Thank you for the follow ❤️

  2. Part Two of my 'Stepping back and relaxing for a bit' focuses rather more on the relaxing side of things. 


    Currently half way through a lovely holiday by the coast, doing as little as I can get away with :D 


    Cheers! (disclaimer: the dude on the board thing, is not me. I am simply amazed he stayed standing). 


  3. Thank you for the follow, and have a good night / good day or good evening idk hehe :wub: :thisisfine:


  4. New month...new truck! :D Keep a look out for this beauty on the roads near you very very soon! Be sure to give me a toot as well ;)



    1. Geology Rocks

      Geology Rocks

      Lovely Volvo 😍

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great looking Volvo 🥰:wub:

    3. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️ __________ wow !_nice_truck __________♥️

  5. Yesterday, we sadly said our fond farewells to Alpha Haulage LTD, a VTC that has been partnered with Pries Logistics for several monhts now. Between us, we have ran 3 Public events with well over 100 atendees on each, as well as several private events between us. Friendships developed, and close ties were forged, so to see them close down. has been a huge loss to us, and the community. It has been our pleasure to welcome some of their drivers into Pries already, and we are sure the good times will still be continued.


    Farewell, AHL!



    1. Winter~


      AHL VTC & its members will be always in our heart ❤️ . 

    2. TerraQu


      AHL best team yes

    3. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️_______________ Great photo & Great truck ________________♥️

  6. A huge thank you to @CuteCat for making my new profile and banner photos! ❤️

    1. TerraQu


      I think the banner is kinda too small in size...

  7. Thank you for the follow, Cheese! 😍

    1. LetiFreshi


      You’re more than welcome RB :love: 

  8. I have been constantly working on something for the Truckers MP Community, whether it be Events for my old VTC or my current one, associated duties, TMP Staff duties, or simply driving in convoys or with friends, pretty much every day, for almost 1 Year now. I think it is about time I took a step back to allow some time for myself. 


    Today, I took leave from the Truckers MP Staff team as my first step towards doing this. This is one of the most amazing communities I have ever been a part of, I never, ever expected to be making so many good friends here, some of whom I am very lucky to even get to know in the real world. I am not going to single out anyone here,you will know who you are ♥️


    I will never be far away, I will be back in the team soon. You will also see me around with my VTC from time to time, that will never change! 


    Take care of yourselves;

    Peace and love;

    RB ♥️

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    2. NorthEastLegend


      Its some times good to take a brake bud. 

    3. Winter~
    4. [PRIES] Soni

      [PRIES] Soni

      RB, tx for all your TMP work, hope to see u back soon, take care 🙋‍♂️

  9. I quite like at the moment to drive lower horsepower trucks (400-500hp) with 18-24 tonne cargos. A nice workout for the truck and driver! So I am often hauling empty pallets, lumber, concrete centering, carbonated water, beverages, etc. I like to keep my jobs and commodities roughly to what a Logistics company would haul regularly IRL. RB.
  10. RB1988

    truck show

    This sort of thing comes up a lot, but is never seen through. I am following at least 2 other topics for the same thing that sound very promising but never deliver. The closest you get is normally at large scale Charity or VTC Anniversaries, that have "Truckfests" before the start of convoys. More attention is usually given to parking formations than the actual trucks, I for one would love to see an Event created that shows off players unique truck customisation abilities and designs rather than parking formations. Best Wishes; RB.
  11. Chilling with @Coolio85inbetween CC duties at the Truckers FM Convoy :)

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    2. {Aydınlık} Berk

      {Aydınlık} Berk

      Great Photo 😍

    3. human721


      Cool police car

    4. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️_______________ Great photo & 🚔 cars _____________♥️

  12. Thanks for the follow ✌️

  13. Sunday 2nd August, Pries hosted our second Cargo Convoy, transporting cattle and straw from Kaliningrad to St Petersburg. We stopped for a quick photoshoot on the Estonian - Russia border. Probably one of my favourite group photos so far! 


    Why not join in the fun yourselves, check us out here. 


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    2. DJ Flynn

      DJ Flynn

      Amazing Photo


    3. TerraQu


      Oh hey I can see myself in here

    4. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      ♥️______________ wow  ! lovely ____________♥️

  14. Caution: This user maybe seriously distracted when he sees trains. 


    Earlier this week, myself and a small group of friends at Pries Logistics took to the roads of ProMods for our most ambitious drive yet. 5,500KM from Bilbao to Murmansk without ferry crossings. We set off at 23:00 sharp and by 23:20 we actually left, after waiting around for a few others to sort themselves out, I found some trains. Quite how they got there without overhead wires is beyond me though :kappa: 


    We reached our end point shortly before 03:45 early on Wednesday morning, pretty much in one piece, and almost all together! It is fair to assume that this will remain a person record for quite some time! 


    Hope everyone else is doing fine, and keep taking care of yourselves and each other. 


    All the best;

    RB ❤️ 



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    2. BlizzardCrow


      Yes sir!

    3. TerraQu


      Ah yes, remember how I was supposed to also do this but my laptop froze and then decided to reinstall euro truck once restarted :lol:

    4. [VTCSL] ACE

      [VTCSL] ACE

      😮___ wow ! bro _____________ nice photo♥️

  15. Thanks for the follow eventmeen ❤️

    1. RB1988


      You are welcome, fellow Eventmeeen ❤️

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