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  1. Good Morning Truckers. My last day of work before a long weekend off. I hope you all have a great day, and to see many of you at Real Operations V8 on Sunday!! 😁

  2. This evening after a very smooth LKW Transport convoy on ProMods, I took to American Truck Simulator, where I was joined by my good frineds @issam0707and @LegoMaster21, where we drove from Ontario, OR, to Bend, then into Washington at Kennewick :)

    Thank you for coming along, guys:D



  3. On this day last year, I started trucking essentially full time on the TMP servers, after only previously driving once a month or so in MP. Sadly, I no longer have contact with the friend I was driving with at the time of this screenshot. My set up at the time was a Lenovo G700 Gaming laptop, which I still have, but no longer use for gaming.

    I simply cannot believe what I have achieved within that year. Joined an amazing VTC, then their staff team, and now Truckers MP staff! Its crazy! :D

    Fun Fact: I still drive this Volvo FH16 for Prime, and she now has almost 200,000KM's ❤️



    1. Ashlyn


      Congratulations on your achievement


  4. An amazing laugh-a-minute drive with @Bashere, @ProbablyPolandand @The B3AST from Bilbao, Spain to Birmingham, UK.😍



  5. Fully lit for the camera tonight crossing Sweden...photo from the quality camera of Prime Logistic's very own @issam0707🥰


    1. IceRaged [NO]

      IceRaged [NO]

      thats a nice one indeed :D 

  6. Congratulations! :wub:

  7. Anything at all! I'm usually driving around with Krone dryliner or ProfiLiner so empty pallets are a common one for me. I like the heavy nature of these loads, and on small twisty roads make for a good challenge I like to haul anything above 15T to give my truck some good work Best Wishes; -RB1988
  8. Congratulations!🎊:wub:

    1. RB1988


      Cheers buddy!😃

  9. Congratulations! 🎉 

  10. Thank you so much to everyone who has taken a few moments to congratulate me on my new role within TMP. I am very excited for the road ahead! 😍 

  11. Congrats bro ❤️

  12. Welcome in the truckersmp!

  13. Welcome to TMP team

  14. Congratulations dude :)

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