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    UK Garage, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat, Techno, House, Progressive House, Tech House, Trance

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    (Check out my Steam for more info)

    Chelsea, Rangers

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    Detroit Red Wings
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    California: San Francisco
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    United Kingdom: Sheffield
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    English, French

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  8. Hello Tommy! Thank you for creating this topic. Sadly, it seems a lot of players within our community duplicate these strobe lights to their vehicles via save editing to an amount that far exceeds what is permitted. Thankfully, if a player has an excessive amount of strobe lights which negatively impacts other users, e.g. causing lag, this falls under rule §3 - Save Editing and action can be taken as a result. Rest assured, our Game Moderators know when there is an excessive amount and will step in to resolve the matter. Alternatively, you can always turn off strobe lights in the TAB settings, as mentioned above. Happy trucking! - Jas
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