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    Movies, TV series, Music, Gaming, Anything ETS2 or ATS related. Linkin Park & Sporting Lisbon (SCP) or anything Wrestling related are life & My hometown hero Lewis Hamilton !
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    Arizona: Flagstaff
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    Czech Republic: Praha
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  1. TruckersFM Birthday Convoy


    From sundays event was a honour to take part as Event team for the event happy birthday to TFM once again , Hope to see many more years of TFM the top radio station of the community !! 💯 🥳





  2. elsaaaaa how are you long time 😄 

    1. Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]

      Elsassisch_Trucker [FR]



      I'm fine thanks, how about you ?


      Yeah, very long time. I played a very long time on ETS2/TruckersMP and I wanted to switch to other games.


      Have a nice day :))

    2. -Elvis-


      its so good to hear from you 😄


  3. Thank for so much for the follow :love:

  4. happy birthday lad big noob 🥳

    1. super37s


      Thank you tati Lad ❤️


    Real OPS V12

    had a great time as staff once again with real ops event on ATS it was great to take part and be apart of this amazing team once again hope to see you at the next one ! with the staff at the end in the various Real OPS vehicles 😄 





    1. Hubs.


      Nice pictures!

    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    3. uG[r]BBr


      Nice photo 👍

  6. Best two trucks with Elviiiiiiiiiiiiiis ❤️😎 spacer.png

    1. -Elvis-


      broooooooooooooo yes king of road

  7. another RO lets go !!! best events

    Doing Loads with my boi 😁 @Jagman



  9. Thanks for the follow❤️

  10. Matt thankyou for everything you will be truly missed sad to see you go bruv 

    1. Matt


      elvis big ups, thank you bruv

  11. Omar's Farewell Convoy


    Omars Farewell Convoy was yesterday it was such a honour to help out with the event Omar was a driver & Staff of arab transport he passed away from Covid . I didnt know him personally but I have been really close friends with arab transport considering I am not from a arabic country they always make me feel welcome & are always around for a drive or a convoy . It was truly an honour to help them as omar now rests I wish the best for his family & all the people around him as well as arab Transport much love & RIP OMAR ❤️ 😥




    @[ATVTC] Abdou @[ATVTC] Med Ali@Bshara & SILOP,Ihab & thankyou to all other ATVTC's guys Sayed,king has,MOMO,Scary,Mouad,Moka,Moodi,7ussein,mo3idd & many others Photos below from staff photo much love ❤️ 







    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. [ATVTC]SayedAbed


      Thank you Elvis my best friend 

      much love 🤍

      RIP Omar 💔

    3. [ATVTC] Med Ali

      [ATVTC] Med Ali

      thank you so much for great support ❤️❤️ 

    4. Andalusi Trucker

      Andalusi Trucker

      Nice words Elvis. 💯

  12. Thanks for the follow 💓

  13. Thanks you for the follow! ❤️ 

  14. o wow thx for follow men im flattered 

  15. super lad !

    1. super37s


      Elvis Lad! big fan ❤️


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