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  1. Everyone is now going to flex there ranks
  2. Thank you for the recent change on save editing rule. This is great news and shows that you listen to the community.
  3. Dont understand why a TMP is stricter then the main game its self. Save editing isnt illigal and is allowend in the main game, just because of SimULAtIoN, unless these rules are given by scs do they really mean anything? or is it a way to control your users into what devs want.
  4. Don't wanna sound silly but does this inculde promods?
  5. Just got ATS so excited to get a few miles in and see the beauty of america! Happy trucking :)

  6. If i try to overtake someone and they then speed up i just brake and let them go past, Don't want to be at risk of reckless driving
  7. Good job on getting GM!!!


  8. Congrats! :wow:

    1. Μatt


      Thank you very much coco :D

  9. Can't wait for the harmony convoy tonight, going to see alot of nice trucks and vtcs and they always are amazing! :D

    1. TeamAudi_Chemistry_EM


      Although I can't participate, I hope to success convoy event :)


  10. I've not been to one yet but ive heard about it and i cant wait to try one out!
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