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    1. WNxArcticwolf


      Nice photo.

    2. Winter~


      Nice one, #Night drive my favourite ❤️ 

  2. Been a while since I posted here 😁



    1. *Winged*


      Looks good! 👍

  3. An (IMO) easier way to fix it is just to sleep somewhere.
  4. One of you can choose the colours and save them as presets, then their codes will be in the game.sii under "user_colors". The other drivers can then copy those codes to their own game.sii and you will all end up with the same colour for your paintjob. I think that will be a lot easier than somehow doing it using a mod. Also, in 1.38 you will be able to add colours in-game using RGB codes so then it will become much easier to take care of.
  5. That is not the correct version, if you select the option "NONE - Opt out of all beta programs" you will get the right version.
  6. You need to open your recruitment. You can do this by going to your VTC page, pressing on "Edit VTC", and setting Recruitment Status to Open.
  7. That's good news! Just to be sure - I wouldn't recommend keeping your antivirus turned off, you should be able to make an exception for TMP (although just the firewall might have been enough to fix it).
  8. Hello, First of all try running the game as administrator. Then check if your antivirus and/or firewall are conflicting with the game. Hope that helps.
  9. In gimp you can use the scale tool to resize an image and keep the aspect ratio. You do this by pressing shift + s. I'm not sure about using imgur or the link as you mentioned.
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