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  1. I believe this is just a temporary issue from the server side, happens occasionally. If you try again after some time you should be able to connect normally.
  2. As Tobyn said that is save editing. The guide they sent is not (strictly) for save editing though, here is one that helped me:
  3. Colored_Greens

    Low FPS

    It's very common to experience lag when a lot of players are nearby, and from what I can tell it does not look like that truck has an excessive amount of accessories, so it complies with the rules.
  4. I'm guessing you went to the Euro Truck Simulator 2 folder, which is in Documents > Euro Truck Simulator 2. What you want is the ETS2MP folder: Documents > ETS2MP. Both folders have a config file in them.
  5. This is a common issue and I have not found any proper fix yet. You can get around it by changing the tag manually in `Documents > ETS2MP > config.txt`. Look for "tag color", there you can insert the colour you want in decimal code. You can find the RGB code of the colour you like here: https://www.google.com/search?q=color+picker and then convert it to decimal here: https://www.checkyourmath.com/convert/color/rgb_decimal.php (or a similar website)
  6. Though I would give you a little cheeky follow 😂


  7. Been a while since I posted here so I thought I would share this picture from an AWESOME drive with @TARK777@TheSexyCookie@Warhammer9x@MsMist and someone else who I forgot.


    Also my first real drive with a wheel 😁



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    2. [Demir] 'Fedakar.K
    3. ProbablyPoland


      Looks wonderful, Greens! ^-^

    4. TheSexyCookie


      That was a great drive gotta do it again sometime 

  8. As Luke said, you need to find the config.cfg file. This doesn't need to be decrypted, nor does the save format matter.
  9. You can register using the "New Steam User Registration" option:
  10. Colored_Greens

    New update

    This article describes how to set your game to the right version for TMP: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/26
  11. Try using an ethernet cable for your internet connection and see if that fixes the issue. Otherwise I would suggest completely reinstalling.
  12. Please check that you have followed all these steps: https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/614
  13. Try running as Admin, and make sure you don't have MSI Afterburner or RivaTuner open.
  14. This is a known issue that has been around for quite a while. I don't know of any proper fix but from what I've read you can reduce the lag by launching using OpenGL. To do so you launch the singleplayer game through steam before closing and switching to TruckersMP.
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