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  1. I wonder if its a good idea to ban speeding,??
  2. Ok thanks, theres are lots of apps for only one trucking game lol
  3. I lag a lot if i start recording, but thanks for the help
  4. I think truckersmp should make It rain for everyone because people can get into accidents?
  5. Duisburg is completely a mess, when it rains in-game drivers become complete idiots on the wheel. Yesterday a incident happened on the entrance of duisburg, someone thought it would be a great idea that instead of merging ( there's a few merges) and yielding to traffic it would be good to use the shoulder as a lane when it's also raining. Guy driving the truck tries to pass me on the shoulder when I'm going slow because of rain and discovers the shoulder ends soon and he has to merge into my lane. The result is he tries to merge, i sideswipe him, I loose control and drift because of rain, hit a truck on my left and that causes a chain reaction, the whole highway gets blocked. After that someone going full speed (110km/h) can't brake on time when there's an accident, rear ends me and calls me out saying I reported you like if it's my fault. Now some admin surely will go to my profile look at my bans which aren't good at all. And will think it's my fault. I'll make later another coment about the status of the roads around duisburg that aren't that good either. Bye
  6. No.My problem isn´t solved and the deadline is almost finished. Can´t you guys give it to me? I have proof i have completed it But the file is 2,56MB so i can´t put proof here.I have to send by email.
  7. Well i left the Game to eat but i dont think that Will stop me from getting the badge i Guess.
  8. Hello everyone in the forum, I want to talk about opertation hq.Appart from endless traffic(which i doubt that admins are there) when i got to operation hq i didnt park the trailer cuz i was in hurry, i touched skip park and when i touched in my truckers mp profile it said that i still had it blocked,possible bug? Regards apro_234.
  9. Hello everyone in the forum, im new to this game,but,i have officially made the Calais-Duisburg route and when i got to that interchange,people with give way signs where running them and i got rammed(obviously) .So i don´t have ideas still but i propose a new design for that interchange. Thanks for reading,apro_234.
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