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  1. yes but not on dc road or other populated areas like calais düsseldorf and duisburg... besides the chaos it will end up with even more framedrops than rn i guess
  2. i like to have a leveling system too in some kind but a way simpler one... like getting xp for driven kms and delivering cargo only
  3. tbh i have no idea if its technically possible but imo the ai shouldnt drive on calaisroad
  4. tbh i dont really care about the traffic lights either but only when no ones around... overtaking is an issue on the dc road i agree and im also not a big fan of it doing it myself... dont get me wrong but for me driving 110 is definitly possible on that road, maybe slow down here and there on corners. after around 1000h tmp expirience im here without a single ban
  5. i know most are regulated to 90 but 110 is definitly easy possible for the engine... wasnt it van herk who drove 170 in reallife? i still know old scania 4 series which goes 120
  6. 90% of the game map is empty. its still far away from simulation if u drive through ghosttowns/ghosthiways.... 110 isnt even unrealistic for a truck in general with no heavy weight... whats worse are the people who use the new daf xd and drive the 60 ton trainwhich is far from realism too singleplayer is by far more realistic
  7. u can drive 110 without crashing. also if there is no ai traffic its never a simulation
  8. no load, best wheels, midlift or 4*2 and probably mouse and steering wheel are the best to steer...
  9. bad day to have eyes
  10. i have rain off in tmp in singleplayer i have it like 20%... having it on mirror is not the problem for me but i dont like it on calais road
  11. i have abs and tcs off it feels better for some reason
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