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  1. @Xavon, I understand your frustration. The few populated areas of TruckersMP are infamous for reckless drivers and trolls, while the rest of the map is deserted. One has to chose between the devil and the deep blue sea, or leave TruckersMP for good. I chose the latter many moons ago and haven't regretted it. I might return one day, when TruckersMP provides realistic simulation servers and AI traffic. Until then, I'll continue to visit the TruckersMP's forum to add my two cents.
  2. Sure. And I like to use this forum to brainstorm and discuss possible (dis-)advantages and side effects of ideas. And that doesn't mean that the idea isn't good.
  3. I haven't tried it yet, but maybe you can use AutoHotkey. https://www.autohotkey.com/ The idea would be to execute several commands in one key bind. For example: The key C (or any other key or key combination you prefer) combines following commands: execute the key to open/ close the console in game write the command g_set_climate in the command line execute the key ENTER to confirm the command execute the key to open/ close the console in game Good luck!
  4. And a duration timer will shift the responsibility to avoid a collision to other players, won't it? Given the fact that players might have waited some time due to the blocking, it seems unlikely that they will be patient enough to consider a duration timer of the perpetrator. The timer countdown itself could even lead them to try their luck and pass the vehicle in Ghost Mode with too few time left, causing a collision.
  5. Basically, the idea to put a blocking vehicle into Ghost Mode is good, because it would enable other players to pass the obstruction. But it raises the question when to end the Ghost Mode. To avoid a collision, Ghost Mode mustn't be deactivated while other players are passing though the (blocking) vehicle. How about combining with the option to teleport the vehicle to a nearly workshop?
  6. My answer was based on my impression that the chances to meet a troll in a high populated area are higher than far out in the middle of nowhere. For me, both outcomes are equally annoying, because I drive World Of Trucks jobs which means, that certain damages of the rig can't be rolled back with a quick load/ save.
  7. If you can fix any vehicle damage with a command, it won't make players drive responsible.
  8. I support your suggestion, because the pictures and videos are outdated and give a wrong impression of the TruckersMP mod. But I suggest to equally advertise Euro Truck Simulator 2 and American Truck Simulator.
  9. I support your suggestion as synchronized weather enhances the realism of the simulation environment. Additionally, it ensures that all players encounter equal challenges and advantages while on the road.
  10. My most recent Kenworth W900A in a seminole paint scheme:
  11. I'm skeptical that placing VTC advertisements on trailers will decrease VTC advertising in chat. Instead, it's likely to serve as an additional means of promotion. Personally, I'd rather have them continue spamming the chat because I can simply deactivate it. However, being compelled to download VTC advertisements I have no interest in and without the option to deactivate, is something I disagree with.
  12. It might be worth a thought to stay away from the infamous areas in and around of Duisburg and Calais.
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