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  1. +1 Nice idea, definitely great for finding more about people on the fly, i also quite like the vtc idea, because if you see a vtc and say think hmm their livery looks cool, i might join, you can check to see which vtc it is!
  2. Great to see this type of content! Essential for new TMP users I'd say
  3. Can Thursday just be Friday please?

    1. WNxArcticwolf
    2. Fezz98


      Go to sleep to discover time travel.

  4. Had a look at this the other night! Very tidy, like it but until we can use our own trailers I wont be using it.
  5. Well, That 2nd Covid jab was one hell of a ride! Seems im special enough to be granted a rare side effect! Glad i've got it done now though!

  6. Looks good! Be interested to see how easy it is to use in comparison to trucky, looks simple enough, may convert me to solely using this!
  7. Had a very interesting drive with some interesting vehicles tonight! @Forerunner @KGT l TDW24 l CH

    1. KGT l TDW24 l CH

      KGT l TDW24 l CH

      When I could keep up with you two it was an interesting drive 🤣

  8. Happy with my CPU for now i5-10400F but my gpu is the bottle neck in my system, Rx480 its alright but struggles on anything to intensive, i'd love a 2080 super or maybe even a 1660 ti but well see, gpu's are so expensive at the moment.
  9. Suggestion Name: Increase play time needed to play tmp - trial period Suggestion Description: Currently you only need 2 hours of play time to play TMP, which is great because it means players can jump in straight away and play with friends, But this also means we have a steady stream of trolls joining the community and ruining the experience for a lot of people, if we changed the required hours to say 10/12 that would atleast deter some of the trolls, i won't say all because again you could just afk your pc for this time and get in, but I believe that would deter some trolls from even bothering. I also think that instead of changing this outright, we should make it a trial period, change the hours required for say 2 months and see if it has an effect on in-game/ forum reports for trolling, this will give us a quantifiable comparison and show us whether this change is one that will benefit the community Any example images: N/A Why should it be added?: I think this should be added for several reasons, 1. Every day you see reports/ conversations about trolling or bad/reckless drivers, this is an issue that is raised all the time, i believe changing the required hours would be a step towards alleviating this. 2. I have discussed this within my VTC (KGT) and we all pretty much agree that this should be changed. 3. Previously you would have to do these hours in singleplayer, which could get boring and put new players off, Now we have convoy mode, so you could play the 10 hours with a couple friends and then when you are ready come into the world of TMP, I think using convoy as a stepping stone to TMP would really benefit a lot of new players, because they will have friends that can help them and guide them. 4. Finally, I'd like to point out the last time this was requested (that i could find) and the reason why it was rejected "Increasing it to such a high number will make new players not being interested anymore to play TMP. Increasing it slightly, to let's say 10 hours, wouldn't work either as you could leave your PC running at night. No changes are planned regarding this. - Smoky October 9th 2019) I'm suggesting a lower number of 10/12, again like is said you could afk that, but I don't agree with saying "it wouldn't work" i think it would work in deterring some of the trolls as some of them simply won't care enough to AFK there pc for 10 hours and move on to another game, I think even deterring a small amount of the troll is worth it. and then there is "Increasing it to such a high number will make new players not interested" Well like I said I'm suggesting 10/12, you could go higher, say 24 hours but i think that would deter some genuine players, but i think now with convoy mode people can play with a few of their friends, get used to the game and then come join TMP! Its simple. I think that the reasons to reject this previously no longer apply and that this should be implemented for a trial period of 2 months to see if it has a positive effect of the community.
  10. I've always said they should up the require hours to play tmp to 20 or 10 atleast, someone still could just afk that if they really wanted but would deter atleast some of the trolls.
  11. Sadly you are always going to find people who don't take the driving aspect of this game very seriously, but you can't expect everyone to never put a foot wrong also. Also if you're "attacking" the admin then he has full right to kick you, you shouldn't be "attacking" anyone on TMP. If you're having issues with people trolling my best advice would be play the arcade servers or the Promods servers, I rarely have any issues and I exclusively play the promods server. If I do encounter any trolling, I just record it and report them, let the staff do their job.
  12. If i'm just out for a quick drive, it will be a curtainsider with computer processors, but if its a long one, I'll bring out a low bed and the new crane! looks so good after its reskin!
  13. I use it! but only one of the basic profiles for it, dont have many effects on my game, but still makes it look very pretty!
  14. So who's going to Truckfest Southwest then eh?

    1. .Pedro.
    2. Fezz98


      I cannot confirm nor deny

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