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  1. Anyway, if all the durations of the ban are judged by the first, second or third time the player has been banned, this is unfair. Sometimes, he is just only Reckless Driving, this can sometimes only be a 7 day ban, but in your suggestion, it can be more than 7 days a lot. You cannot judge the ban's duration only by the person's ban chance, you also need to see what is the situation at that point, is it a very major issue or only a tiny issue? This is my point here.
  2. Suggestion Name: Make it possible to change the window opacity of the frame under the chat Suggestion Description: Same as the other window in TruckersMP, such as job dispatcher, setting menu and the scoreboard. Let it possible to change the window opacity of the frame under the chat. Any example images: Now: After: Why it should be added: It could be more convinient, and give more options to the players. Best Regards, 30maes
  3. Happy Birthday 🎉

  4. Happy Birthday 🎂 

  5. Happy Birthday 

  6. Hey guys! I just got a new report score. Do y'all who has zero report score got one know?
  7. But if the point system gone, the moderator will deal with too many reports. And many of them are useless. So I think the report score system is not bad, just a bit strict.
  8. Yeah, I've also got reports declined that the moderator said: the players behaviour only requires a kick in the game, not a ban. But no one said or no one write in the rules that how important the break rule is that require a ban instead of a kick.
  9. Bump. If there is always 0 report score, then the player cannot use the weapon "report" to protect themselves. And some players can not be banned as quick as possible. That will maybe generate a bigger accident.
  10. I don’t find this topic before I create a new suggestion in the forum. Maybe all of you can think about my suggestions. I only give those people one chance to let them can report further.
  11. Suggestion Name: Give 1 extra report score to the people whose report score has been 0 over 3 months Suggestion Description: On the website report system, if you have many valueless reports, then your report score will be 0 forever. I know this is because TruckersMP don’t want to see a lot of valueless reports that marked as “Declined” spam the report system. But this is a kind of unfair to the player who know the rules better three months after you got 0 report score. Because if the players who has 0 report score met the player who intentional crash to him or break the rules. He can do nothing with that player. You can also make a small test to the player who has 0 report scores 3 months after. If his first report after his report score became from 0 to 1. Then he cannot make any reports forever. This does not including the permanent report system ban. Any example images: This does not require any images. Why it should be added: To make sure that all the players know the rules better after he play TruckersMP for a long time can correctly protect themselves by reporting these unfriendly mans from the game.
  12. Hello there, If you report score is 0 now, then you can't report any players from now on. This is probably because you send many reports that has been marked as Declined which means your report is valueless. So TruckersMP take an action to not let you to "spam" the report system. If you still think your report score 0 is incorrect or unfair. You can send a feedback ticket to the Game Moderation Management to complain your issue: https://truckersmp.com/feedback. Best Regards, 30maes
  13. Hello there, If your game crash, please send your game.log. You can find your game.log in Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2. Best Regards, 30maes
  14. Hello there, Your log doesn't show a game crash. It shows a normal shutdown. Could you please send your game.log directly after game crash without restarting the game? Best Regards, 30maes
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