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  1. Hello there, You can open the task manager by clicking Ctrl + Alt + Delete. Then find Euro Truck Simulator 2 and end the process. Best Regards, 30maes
  2. Hello there, There is a solution for you: 1)Delete all .scs files in ETS2 game folder. You can find the folder by doing this: Right-click on ETS2 in your Steam Library Choose Properties and then Local Files (Properties: 属性) (Local files: 本地文件) Click on Browse... (Browse: 浏览) 2)Click on verify game files on Steam, by doing this: Right-click on ETS2 in your Steam Library Choose Properties and then Local Files (Properties: 属性) (Local files: 本地文件) Click on Verify local files... (Verify local files: 验证游戏完整性) 3)Wait for the verify finished and let the update finished. 4)Restart the game from the TruckersMP launcher. Then you won't get this message again. Best Regards, 30maes
  3. Hello there, Why you put it to ETS2 game folder? It should be a folder named with TruckersMP, for example: C:\ProgramData\TruckersMP. Best Regards, 30maes
  4. Hello there, That is not possible. You can't do that. All the players are at the same time in TruckersMP. Best Regards, 30maes
  5. Hello there, Did you put the icon in your .scs file? And also remember the picture's resolution should be not very high. The name of the image file should same as the one in the manifest. Best Regards, 30maes
  6. Hello there, If you have the correct path for TruckersMP launcher. Try click on "Installation up-to-date" to verify launcher files after the update finished. Then you won't get "Download Update" every time you start the launcher. Best Regards, 30maes
  7. Hello there, You can duplicate your profile. Just see this video. https://youtu.be/LK_x25esmDs Best Regards, 30maes
  8. Hello there, Could you please upload your game.log.txt?
  9. Hello there, Did you try verify download files in TruckersMP launcher? You can do that by clicking "installation up-to-date". Best Regards, 30maes
  10. Hello there, It seems your "promods-me-assets-v263" file is corrupted. The normal file size should be this: Does your file size same as me? If no, try to re-unzip the file from the .7z file. Best Regards, 30maes
  11. 30maes

    Promods crashing

    Hello there, It should be a TMP problem. We can't find the problem in singleplayer ProMods. You can fix it by doing this: Use notepad to pen config.cfg at Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2. Then find r_buffer_page_size 10. Change 10 to 30. Save the file and restart the game. I'd like to see your great reply. Best Regards, 30maes
  12. Hello there, I'd like to send a suggestion about the TruckersMP official Rules. Suggestion Name: A suggestion for rule §2.5 - Reckless Driving. Suggestion Description: For the first thing, §2.5 - Reckless Driving said that is the player who is considered unsafe and puts other players in danger. Also I got banned because of Intentional Reckless Driving before. That's because I have 2 warnings before that is all because of one thing. Just I add speed when other player are overtaking me. I think it is impossible because I'm driving normally on my lane, and I have the priority of way. The player who wants to overtaking needs to check he can overtake me easily without I let he go and the other side will not have vehicles through until he finish overtaking. And he also needs to check he can go back to the lane safely without crashing. This is all his work. I just need to drive on my lane normally, I can go fast or go slow. Although there is a truck goes 60km/h on C-D road in front of me, I also don't do overtaking because if there is a truck go 110 km/h to me on the other side, I will be reported and banned. I also google some rules about overtaking. Germany: Always find the person who is overtaking must check there is still enough place and it is safe for he and other drivers on road. Why should it be added?: Because I think that if there is a person I don't give up him for the reason, he will not do overtaking easily before he has a great thinking about it. Not everytime we should give up the players overtaking. If I still need to give up them, I can just see a man overtaking and I stop on road to let him go or I will got banned. Also I don't know why a guy has many space in front of him, but he still goes back to the lane at that point and crashes to me. There are no trucks on the other side. Can any moderators explain me how you judge someone is intentional reckless driving or not? I think I'm just exercise my priority right of way. I hope the moderator could see my post carefully and make a perfect decision. If there is something I'm not saying clearly, you can ask below. And I hope the moderator do not close my post after on reply. Let me explain to you the importance or the other things first. Best Regards, 30maes
  13. 30maes

    Winter mod

    You need to disable "Seasonal Effect" in the tab menu -> settings -> Game.
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