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  1. There are currently thousands of reports in the system. We work as fast as we can but we have our own lives, and the ones we do get done, about several more come in to replace them! Please be patient
  2. Hello! =^.^= Welcome to TruckersMP! I'm the resident penguin & pet and one of the IGAs here, if you have any questions, please feel free to post on my profile or in the Help Topics The 'etiquette' for overtaking is as follows: (Author: VavelOnline) This is a very simple how-to guide on how to overtake (and be overtaken) properly. The first thing you should be aware of is DESYNC. Basically, what you see on your screen is not always what the other players are seeing. This might cause (unintentional) ramming in many situations. To counter that effect, here's some practical information that you should always follow. When overtaking Start your overtaking manoeuvre when you are at least 60m from the truck in front of you (you can always check the distances using the TAB key). Stay in line When you checked that the other driver is 100m behind you, you can start merging back. Alternatively, if you see the other driver turn its lights on, or hear him honk 2 short times, it means that you can merge back safely from his point of view, even if you're not 100m ahead. In that case, it's nice to thank him using the left-right-left-right blinker signal. Note that high beams would normally be used IRL, but cannot be seen for now in the MP game. When being overtaken Stay in line If you're riding at 90 km/h, it is nice to slow down a little so the other driver has a chance to overtake you. When there's enough distance between you and the overtaker (60m should be enough), turn your lights on (or honk 2 short times if it's night time and your lights are already turned on) to signal that he can merge back safely. If you want to go for a drive at all, please let me know!
  3. I'm still unbanded because I sent proof of your email that I found on your channel would you like to watch it because my friend and I want to play euro truck together

    1. lxl Semper lxl

      lxl Semper lxl

      @jcore007 can you please use the appeal system below as posting on IGA's status updates will get you no where please also read the forum rules again as I think you would benefit from a refresher :) 

    2. KhaosHammer_BF


      Additionally, thanks to take a look at those topics :


      You can complain about your ban by contacting upper staff if you have the feeling that the admin did not issue it properly :



  4.  have a permanent ban on ets2 multiplayer because I had something in my tag that does not mean that I can not give them a permanent ban for the banner. Penguin I hope I'm unband fast because I took that tag away !!!!!!!!!!!!


  5. Doing reports be like: 


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    2. MJ720


      Hahaha, "Yes to all"

    3. Penguin


      Nah @English - I do a lot in short bursts, my way of doing a lot without getting bored :P 

    4. Specialized
  6. Would make our work a lot easier +1
  7. Had an awesome drive with @Mirrland tonight! From Going East DLC to Scandinavia, was a really nice long haul <3 Hopefully we can drive again soon =^.^= Lovely scenery up there too!

    1. BigLarge


      Did you have an action? :)

    2. Penguin


      @BigLarge What do you mean? We had external contracts so we were going for a purpose if that's what your asking :)

  8. Nothing with the grand total of 56p in my Steam Wallet!!
  9. oh no. Jks :P Good luck xD 

  10. Hallo,


    weshalb gab es keine Vorwarnung für meinen Bann?

    Ich wusste nicht, dass es verboten ist, einen Anhänger mit dem PKW

    zu tranportieren.



    1. xBestBBx


      You were banned. Banned for Driving a car with a trailer. If you would read the rules, you would realize that the thing you did was against the rules. :)

    2. lebensweisheit1


      Man hätte jedoch eine Verwarnung verteilen können und nicht direkt einen Bann?




  11. I need to talk to you about something

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    2. MrSterben


      This was a mistake

    3. Penguin


      OK I can see you have been banned. So please submit a Ban Appeal and we can deal with it there.


      @Anriandor Please lock.

    4. Anriandor


      Hello dear @MrSterben,


      I would like to remind you that the forum is not the proper place to be discussing your ban or anything related to this topic. It will not help you but could make things even worse.


      Please use the ban appeal system in the first place and follow the appropriate ways rather than writing to an admin on the forum. Also, take into account that it can take quite some time until an admin reviewed your appeal and the circumstances of your ban.


      For further information, please refer to the following topics:



      Additionally, you can complain about your ban by contacting upper staff if you have the feeling that the admin did not issue it properly. In order to do so, use the feedback email system, which can be found here:




  12. Please do not worry, they will be checked. The reason one was checked today was that I normally go from Oldest -> Newest (First In, First Out) Sometimes I forget to set that. and I end up doing the newest first until I realise So please do not worry, I or another admin will get round to it eventually. Apologies for the wait.
  13. The reason we don't ban for it is that a lot of the time, it's perfectly clear, and it keeps traffic moving. If people go through a red and cause others to have to take avoidance action, we can ban them for Reckless Driving though.
  14. Hey Penguın,


    I dont want to harassing you but can you accept my steam friend request please? :)

    1. Penguin


      No sorry, I have declined it for a reason.