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  1. Thanks for everything and we go for more, Congrats TMP Team!!!
  2. Thanks guys, we have to do TMP a better place for everyone and no a place for trolls!!! Great changes
  3. You are right, but more than that, I think they are unscrupulous people who want to generate chaos, I personally avoid this route, and I travel through the alternate route that also ends in D-C road. Guilt is not generated in the decision taken, since I believe that the disorder in the service station was greatly reduced, there are people who do not think in simulate, just to troll other players, and that is an individual decision and obviously has its consequences, but I think that if we all put part of each one and avoid the disorder by having distance before the end of the NCZ, we could hav
  4. I think It is a very great decision especialy for all the players that use the service station at Duisburg, but I think it can be apply to the gas station because some players are crashing making chaos at the entrace of the city
  5. Exactly this is a possible soluction or ban for permanent hacks , speed hack , no clip but not for no damage mod .
  6. I think that not being able to have this mod is going to generate more disorder in the server because people will continually perform auto-save because if they are crashed they can reappear and this generates lag and even crashes on the server. : C
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