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  1. Report them with video (i prefer OBS)
  2. You can go on EU2 but you need to record or drive in more calm places.
  3. I have a VTC with 2 good friends and nobody else can join.
  4. Thanks for the great gaming moments people! :)

    1. CaptainKostaZ


      If the reason leaving is your ban on your profile I would suggest you to ban appeal if you are sure you didn't do any mistake making statuses and posts won't change nothing.

    2. Dafkee963


      Wont help anyways but ill try tomorrow but the problem is my ban history and the factuur I already removed the evidence he rammed me first.

    3. CaptainKostaZ


      Never revenge for being rammed 

  5. Dafkee963

    Steam giveaway

    Can I transfer my DLCS to one of your accounts because im done with this game If possible feel free to PM
  6. Félicitations compatroite! Moi j'habite pas loin de Malines! :)

    1. Kibatsume


      Merci beaucoup !

  7. Dafkee963

    Save The Date!

    Nope if i remember good the server was on at 1 may 2014
  8. Thats why i more and more take extern contracts, just easy trucking while recording and if you get rammed or so just report them. Some people also think this is a Need for Speed game or something.
  9. In my opinion the admins are doing great work nowadays. They are even more mild than in the past so if you get banned now its your own fault.
  10. Thanks all, weird enough the waiting just fixed it all!
  11. Dafkee963

    OBS recorder

    Try OBS Studio not the classic.
  12. Dafkee963

    OBS recorder

    Got it, thanks for all the help guys!
  13. It worked, big thank everyone that replied
  14. Can you see what punishment an admin gave on your report?

    1. Penguin


      Not unless you go to the suspect's profile, in which case you see the Reason the admin gave for the report.

    2. Nameless GhouI

      Nameless GhouI

      The person's name of who you reported will be linked in the report. You can view their profile and see what they're banned for. But you don't really need to know because once you send the admins the report it's up to the admins.


    3. Dafkee963


      Thanks guys, i see he is banned for a week, so reporting with video really helps! :D (Thanks admins)

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