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  1. Nameless Ghoul

    Possible solution for most trolling

    Suggestion is being closed due to recent server updates matching most of this. So suggestion marked as Accepted. // Accepted.
  2. Nameless Ghoul

    Road to Simulation

    We're only trying to get back where we used to be before all the trolls and 5000+ reports daily. I'm in support of this update because I know what's it's going to bring back. If you watch videos of when the mod started back in 2014 with ETS2MP there were no constant rammers and trolls people played it seriously and was a hella lot of fun. We just want that to be the case again today. Have faith in these changes and great things will come.
  3. Nameless Ghoul

    Road to Simulation

    Does the 5000+ web reports and 1000+ game reports daily sound like the players were happy to you? They weren't happy they were going where the most players were. This is a Simulation community not Need For Speed or GTA etc. Simulation is the main focus as it used to be and as it's going to be now.
  4. Nameless Ghoul

    Road to Simulation

    The reason we are where we are today with the chaos is because for all these years we've done what the community wanted. We need to regain the seriousness this mod once had by making decisions players may disagree with. Think back to 2014/15 when the mod was so serious people were scared to cross lines accidentally. We're not saying we want completely serious like that again however, we need this to be a simulation community not Need For Speed.
  5. PSA: Just a reminder for everyone to read "Frequently Suggested Things" topic before creating a suggestion that might have been suggested before. It may provide answers for you and your suggestion.



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