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  1. Hey, At the moment and for the future, TruckersMP has no plans to stream on any services other than Twitch. Twitch is a very well-known platform and the streams are just a fun way for the community to interact and keep up to date with TruckersMP and its team. Hope this helps.
  2. Sim1 experienced issues after we were affected by a fire at our hosts facility and had to change to new servers. Sim2 is more popular now due to players just finding it more stable. There is no single issue as to why it is therefore, there isn't a simple 'fix' for it. We always look into server stability and how to improve our servers and will continue to do so. Any changes will be made public when they happen.
  3. If you read the blogpost it does state that due to limitations that new game mode is paused. Once those limitations are handled then we can resume progress on it. It also says that towards the end of the year we hope to make progress on it. This is a community and not every change will please everyone and not every change will please you but we aim to please everyone at some point.
  4. It will be fixed when possible. It is a To-do.
  5. [GAME MODERATOR] @Mr. Calvin rejoins the Community Moderation team as Discord Moderator while remaining in the Game Moderation team.
  6. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Fluffy Bunny leaves the TruckersMP team due to personal reasons.
  7. TruckersMP is aware of the 403 error and developers are working to fix it ASAP. Please do not spam our services.

    1. ScaniaFan89


      Forum is quiet in relation to spam? Edit " oh the topics, smh "  Thanks for the update on it, unusual event that the launcher should crash ( i thought the download speed was slow, not normally like that )

    2. Farm Shark

      Farm Shark

      Thank you for the update. Was wondering why TruckersMP was having less than 400 players across all servers. 

  8. Dear Truckers! We have reworked our Forum Rules to make it more slimline and understandable. We encourage you to read what has changed so you are not caught out in any circumstances. What's changed? All of the rules have changed or been moved and you will notice there are far fewer individual rules than there were before which is because we have merged a lot into other rules. One major change is the rule "§4.4 Reputation Farming" which has now been removed after careful consideration to reflect our modern approach on the forums. Rule numbers have also changed so this means rules will now full under a different number than before. You can find all the forum rules here https://truckersmp.com/rules#4-forum-only-rules If you have any questions regarding the rules changing, please contact 'Community Moderation Management' through Feedback here. Many thanks and Happy Trucking! TruckersMP Community Moderation Management!
  9. [GAME MODERATOR + COMMUNITY MODERATOR TRAINEE] @Snap Dragon promoted to Community Moderator (Forum) while remaining in the Game Moderation team.
  10. [GAME MODERATOR] @Snap Dragon additionally joins the Community Moderator team as a Trainee (Forum).
  11. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR TRAINEE] @WhiteTiger_TMP promoted to the position of Community Moderator (Forum).
  12. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR TRAINEE] @Fluffy Bunny has been promoted to Community Moderator (Forum). [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Shadii. leaves the TruckersMP team due to lack of time.
  13. [GAME MODERATOR] @WhiteTiger_TMP transfers to the Community Moderation Team as Trainee Forum Moderator.
  14. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR TRAINEE] @Vexus. has been promoted to Community Moderator (Forum).
  15. [PLAYER] @Fluffy Bunny joins the TruckersMP team as Community Moderator Trainee (Forum Moderator).
  16. [GAME MODERATOR] @Chev transfers back to Forum Moderator while remaining as Game Moderator.
  17. [SUPPORT + COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @NightSword^ transfers from Language Forum Moderator to full Forum Moderator while remaining as Support.
  18. [GAME MODERATOR + COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Elsassisch_Trucker [FR] transfers from Forum Moderator to Language Forum Moderator to focus on his Game Moderator duties.
  19. Archived per owners request. // Locked & Moved to Archive.
  20. [COMMUNITY MODERATOR] @Speedy_TMP transfers from the Social Media team to Language Forum Moderator.
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