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  1. What song are you currently listening to?

  2. Hier kommt die sonne @Bonnm :troll: 

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    2. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      Ich will

      Wir wollen dass ihr uns vertraut
      Wir wollen dass ihr uns alles glaubt
      Wir wollen eure Hände sehen
      Wir wollen in Beifall untergehen - ja

      Könnt ihr mich hören?
      Wir hören dich 
      Könnt ihr mich sehen?
      Wir sehen dich 
      Könnt ihr mich fühlen?
      Wir fühlen dich 
      Ich versteh euch nicht

      Könnt ihr uns hören?
      Wir hören euch
      Könnt ihr uns sehen?
      Wir sehen euch
      Könnt ihr uns fühlen?
      Wir fühlen euch
      Wir verstehen euch nicht

      Ich will

    3. DrEGZo


      You win

      I run out of songs :unsure:

    4. Nameless Ghoul

      Nameless Ghoul

      I got all the lyrics to every song up. ahaha.

  3. Three word story making...

    shoot the lonely
  4. Three word story making...

    Using Synth weapons
  5. Three word story making...

    with many RadRoach's
  6. Three word story making...

    annoy me and
  7. Can,t find double trailers ?

    Best answer marked, locked and moved to solved.
  8. I can't put @?

    Best answer marked, locked and moved to solved.
  9. The new reporting system

    Best answer marked, locked and moved to solved.
  10. NCZ Extenstion on Scandinavia

    The Developers are aware NCZ's need to be fixed or changed. They will do it when they can and if it's needed in their eyes. We weren't expecting double to cause the issues they did with the NCZ's
  11. Downgrade

    Best answer marked, locked and moved to solved.
  12. TruckersMP Ban History dots.

    Locked and moved to solved.
  13. Server Config Changes

    @Killua // Ireland ^_^ This is indeed a simulation so cars do not have to be here, considering it's a trucking game. However they are here for a treat. But what players do not realise they are an issue for us iga's occasionally. We're not removing them because they're a nice feature. We're just trying to make them a safer experience for everyone. In a way we now have every type of server for you people to enjoy.
  14. Server Config Changes

    @Dwarf04 We're not saying cars are an Issue, some just don't want them on certain servers.
  15. New Team Role: Events Team - Suggestion

    ^ Media Team are the events team. Media Team is split into 3 main genre's Photos, Videos, Events. Media Team get given temp admin when this is needed.
  16. Three word story making...

    Velociraptors raided the (Have fun with that )
  17. Team dedicated to the management of bans

    ^^ @K??V?TI? You know we have done over 40% of the backlogged reports in the past 2 days... So it is improving a lot. Soon hopefully waiting times will be a lot lower.
  18. New Report scoring

    @Euro_Trucker As said by one of our devs we have done 40% of them from last night to this morning.
  19. Mods on graphic are allowed?

    No, if MP were to add mods it would increase the MP file size download, and would be unfair on people with slower internet. Therefore we try and keep it as small as possible by not supporting mods.
  20. New Report scoring

    @Euro_Trucker & @Jaffa VTC - Me[M]o - Driver there are currently most of the admin team working on reports getting the backlog down. We are almost there.
  21. A realism server

    @FernandoCR [ESP] "all" being not trolls.
  22. A realism server

    We all want this and discussions have taken place to improve the realistic environment.
  23. Suggestion (Undercover admins)

    No you're right marked ones are better. Sometimes however it's nice to catch people in the act.
  24. Public Convoy 30.07.17

    Event over, thanks to all who attended the extra long convoy. Locked.
  25. Limit the Heavy cargos and Doubles trailers to EU1

    Without giving away too much there has been discussions around this concept already. I can tell you most IGA's are in support of doubles on eu1 only.