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  1. Hello guys,


    So just wanted to give you a heads up that if you have any tickets open via the support help desk then please take a look at them in case they've got a response! Thank you :) 

    1. Bonnm


      What if i don‘t do this? :troll:

    2. Kravatie


      @Bonnm then your problem doesnt get fixed


      but its you so its nothing important



  2. High ping, but server doesn't kick me?

    Hello @Artical DAN Please try the following. 1. Do a dns flush - 2. Clear your PC's temp files with Clean Master for PC - 3. Open up your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on keyboard and see if there are some updating services running in the background processes , Example: Adobe IPC Broker service,or any form of updater service which updates softwares you use in the background. 4. Do a Disk Cleanup of C: drive - 5. Disable any unwanted programs you dont want running and hogging internet. -
  3. How to delete my attachment?

    Hello @Nizam Logistics Behzat C., Are you happy with the answers you've been given or would you like some more advice? Let us know please
  4. traffic in truckers MP.....

    Hello, Im afraid you would have to find your friends. So you could pick a location on where you and your friends should meet. Most of the players in our days are driving down Calais-Duisburg road but I highly recommend NOT going to that road due to the absolute chaos which it causes. We do have a simulation server which is EU1 where it has a speed limiter on. This gives people who want to take the game seriously with their friends a chance to actually do that.
  5. I miss the times when Europoort was busy :( Damn. 

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Oh. No. We were talking about the good 'ol days. XD We'd rather have that back than what we currently have with "the road".

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      me too, I really love C-D road :wub: but do miss busy Europort :( Would love if both Europort and C-D where busy :P

    4. Mike Dragon
  6. PC crashes totaly while authenticating

    Hello @Nylon #TruckersFM You have a fair few answers here, are these enough to solve your case or are you requiring more? Please let us know! Thank you, -Smalley
  7. Best answer marked, Locked & Moved to solved
  8. Help! Forgot username and password

    Best answer marked, Locked and moved to solved.
  9. What you doing sneaking around? :thinking: 

  10. Crash

    Best answer marked. Moved to solved
  11. Special plans are being made for May. Truckfest 2018 here I come :D Hope to see some of you guys there :) 

  12. Sad to see you leave :( Good luck in the future! 

    1. Forraz


      See you around @ZuLynx Hope to see you back soon o/

    2. ZuLynx


      See you soon guys !



  13. Does the MOD support VR headset?

    Question answered, Locked and moved to solved.
  14. a Question about ban ( this question is for staff )

    Moved to solved To avoid content farming.
  15. a Question about ban ( this question is for staff )

    Hello, No it wouldn't class as ban by mistake unless the staff member has banned your ID by accident. If it's a deleted ban then that ban won't class as an active or even inactive ban anymore. Just imagine that it's not even there anymore. As well other users can not see that deleted ban.