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  1. Server in South America

    Hello, If you are suggesting to open up a south american server then please edit your post then follow this format which can be located here. Suggestion Name: Suggestion Description: Any example images: Why should it be added?: Please make sure that this is detailed and explains why you think a South American server should be added.
  2. Contrags on your new position! [Event Team]

    1. Smalley


      Thank you :) 

  3. Erro ao abrir

    // Movido para inatívos.
  4. Idea.

    Rejected Failed to follow format
  5. I am currently learning in A Peugeot 208 1.4 Turbo Diesel 2016. For me, its a terrible car to learn in
  6. Event Team

    Great to see all of the event team in the team
  7. firma ARES POLAND

    Moved from Suggestions to polish discussion (Not a suggestion)
  8. Hours played at ETS2?

    Moved from General Discussion to 'Euro Truck Simulator 2' Discussion I have 2038 hours
  9. Tacking other players

    Hello, This has been suggested and rejected multiple times. As well if you would like to find a friend I would suggest https://www.ets2map.com In future please use the search function before making a suggestion just to make sure it hasn't been suggested before Thank you, Rejected
  10. I've said it before and I am going to say it again. I'm literally in love with this song. One of the best songs ever made :D For me anyways



  11. It is Tuesday my dudes. Easter coming SoonTM

  12. Twitter giveaway

    Good luck to all whom enter
  13. Thanks for the follow! Much appreciated :) 

    1. Merengue4ever


      You're Welcomed :P 

  14. [SCS Blog] Community Driver Seats #7

    Now, I am not really a big fan of looking at Community Driver seats posts because of jealousy. But the last one is like a dream setup! I would pay millions just to have that setup (Over exaggeration but still)