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  1. Somewhere in Norway






  2. Suggestion Name: 5+ Year old bans pardoned Suggestion Description: basically players that have ban/s that exceed 5 years old should have a chance to redeem themselves and get them removed or " pardoned " depending on the severity of the ban and their behavior since that 5+ year ban. it would work like this: If player (A) has ban/s that are 5 years old and no recent ban within 1 year then they should get the chance to either have previous ban/s pardoned or removed permanently from their record. if player (B) has ban/s that are over 5 years old but has ha
  3. Been looking around at some mods recently and noticed a SCANIA S + R rework mod and i must say it really adds more realism into the truck! made my-self a UK spec timber waggon. shame there isn't more logging trails [LINK TO THE MOD: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=1764268887 ]
  4. Only just discovered this topic! loving the trucks in it!
  5. Tryed some different camera angles and zooms...













    Also tryed some " Drone-camera " views 






    And my favorite




  6. Had a bit of a revamp with the paint job a while ago, just waiting on the new MAN euro 6













    Love this set up



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    2. [MCG] Kien Giang
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. KaitanFox


      I really do like the blue, white and grey colour combination. Good looking trucks :)

  7. 14/12/18 i took a load which was going into Scandinavian from Finland, while driving around in Finland to the port i had no issues with players being able to see me, but after entering Scandinavian players where able to drive through me, like i was invisible to them after getting driven through several times i restarted the game, but the problem still persist, so i f7ed to the service and asked a guy if he could see me, to which he replied no... after that i quit mp and went onto SP hoping that would fix it, the game reset me to my garage which i thought was a bit odd. then i went
  8. soo ummm.... has anyone else had the issue of players not seeing you after coming from one of the Baltic ports into Scandinavian?  just gone ran over 5 times pmsl some players can see me, others cant

  9. okay... so loads of people are complaining about the new physics model in ets2 saying " We can't drive fast along C-D anymore! :angry: " and " the new physics model has ruined C-D "....

    just a quick idea... how about... i dont know maybe.... slowing down? .... just an idea though :mellow:

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    2. Xiolin


      Shhhh don't use logic here. You'll scare people D:

    3. xXBlazieXx


      /me **Is scared** 

  10. Your avatar makes me think of a dog with his face out the window while taking in wind on an amazingly chill day 

  11.   :90: :wesmart:









    Also the road to 300,000 miles, at 270,000 miles at the moment 



    I think at 300,00 i will start using my S-series scania, only has 800 miles on it :RIP:







    1. -XCE-


      Crazy! Amazing achievement.

  12. Thx for the follow back.

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