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  1. New TMP gamemode

    Congrats on the new game mode for TMP, it looks stunning! ( must have been hard though ) anyway my question is, with the new game mode will it be one big server, or small private servers? if its one big server how will you keep lag at a minimum? Thanks in advance!
  2. WOW... fair play TMP never thought this would be possible



    1. NotSoFancyFox


      I never thought they were gonna do that with the AI :o

  3. anyone else randomly getting tabbed out in mp? or just me? 

    1. TrademarkGamer


      My Antivirus does that a lot

    2. JonathanGJM


      I also had the problem, it might be an application starting and then instantly minimizing. If you have a 2nd monitor, put your task manager on that monitor while playing ETS2MP and see which program opens when you're getting tabbed out.

    3. ScaniaFan89


      Setting Focus Assist to Proirity Only should help....it will leave a message in the note area on the taskbar


      mine pops up when i rec a clip or leaves a message about  win defenders recent scans & when a update is gonna be installed it warns you 

  4. quick question, is it still banable to go out of bounds from the map?


    i can't find anything in the rules that says you cant ( literally just had a look ) i remember that it used to be. so i'm not sure if it still is? 



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    2. _Party_


      hahah cheers


    3. NexusDE


      As far as I know, it is. An Administrator once broadcasted a message, that going out of bounds is bannable.

    4. _Party_


      @NexusDE yer, thats why im confused about it, i remember it used to be a ban able offence as was on the rules list, but i cant find anything about it on it now

  5. Just a few photos :P :90:








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    2. _Party_


      @schrute_farms pretty much lol, but now you mention it my livery does go with the trailer haha

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      Great Photos :)

    4. _Party_
  6. from the real operations v3


    that awkward moment when you get pulled over by the police but no one wants to let you back out again :P



  7. Weather sync?

    i agree, i remember they did it once then removed it. but i wasn't 100% sure why
  8. Come on, come on, let's go party :lol:


  9. the caravans need a speed limiter <_< its just helping trolls!!!!




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    2. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      No way do they need a speed limiter on them :unsure: That would be awful and not fair :(

      Caravans have noting to do with it as all the same things happen with trucks, cars and trucks with trailers :rolleyes:

      The server is already limited to 150km/h which is still a fast speed for those of use who like to speed (safely) but limited enough to prevent the crazy high uncontrollable 190+km/h speeds and the cities are now limited to 80km/h and that is more then enough so no need to limit the caravans or impose anymore speed limits.                    

      Just record and report the trolls and stop with the blaming everything on cars and caravans (tired of people blaming everything on them when trucks do all the same things - its the trolls and reckless drivers and they are why :tmp: has a good moderator team to deal with them - alot of people me included like to speed and plenty of use do so with no issues and C-D is not the only road, a huge map there full of mostly empty highways/motorways and even C-D is ok to speed on as long as you slow for corners and slower traffic or if you are on it later when its quite)                                                                         


      the caravans are also new atm so alot of people are using them etc but things should calm down.


      If you want further speed limits then that is what EU1 is for :P If you really hate caravans but want to speed you can use EU3 so there is options for everyone :) 

    3. _Party_


      Need i remind everyone this is a truck game hence the name * Euro Truck Simulator 2 * and * Truckersmp and also a simulator*.... now without a doubt i will admit there a quite a few good players who are easily capable of controlling a truck/car at speeds of 70MPH+ BUT that's only a few players.... if you think about it in the wider picture, even though there are good drivers, bad drivers easily out weigh them by miles so its easily going to create stereotypes... the reason for much of my dislike towards the cars is the fact their; Unstable, have bad brakes, are rarely used for their actually purpose, and are easily able to cut of a truck and then speed of again...also the game was NEVER auctally made to support cars. and i was never actually blaming anyone :P i'm just saying with the added fact trolls mainly use the cars now and caravans have been introduced there able to do the /fix command and have the cars lengthen. and when i say " speed limiter " i dont mean restricted them down to 50mph i mean speeds around 70-80mph for both caravans and trucks with trailers ( which in my view is still way to high ).

    4. Killua  // Ireland ^_^

      Killua // Ireland ^_^

      no way 93mph and the 50mph city limit is enough of a restriction  and you could not be further from the truth, I was in MP for just over 2 hours earlier when the server was extremely busy and had a full queue and almost every 2nd vehicle was a car with a caravan (one of the jobs I took with a caravan went along C-D too)  and the majority of them where driving perfectly fine, many of them at high speed, especially on the motorways, yes I did encounter some trolls/reckless drivers (in both cars with caravans and trucks)  but only a small few of those I saw today, most drove perfectly fine :) I play MP almost everyday and often in the busy areas around Germany and there is only a smallish percentage of players who troll and drive recklessly, most drive ok and alot can handle the speeds without any issues and the reporting system is there for the rest who cannot handle the speed or who use the cars, trucks or speed to troll. 

      This Its a truck game argument is also getting real old real fast - part of driving trucks is having cars and other traffic around you and encountering bad drivers :P

      Also there should be no arguments about it in the first place as :tmp: have introduced multiple servers to suit all needs


      EU1 - 110km/h speed limited simulation server for those who want to play as realistically as possible

      EU2 - for those who like to speed, play using cars + caravans or just play with those around and this is the busiest server which draws other people too who play realistically and to speed limits and thats great as you have a big range of player types and most are ok with that and just record + report as they should :)

      EU3 - for those who like to speed but do not want to drive in a server with cars (something introduced after alot of complaining about the only server with no cars being he 110km/h simulation)

      EU4 - NCZ for people who just want to mess a little or drive in MP without any chance of getting damage from other players


      ^^^^ I think that is a really good and fair mix of servers for everyone and each type of player and with the global 150km/h speed limit (a good thing as caravans going over 200+ km/h now that would be real chaos) and with the 80km/h  city speed limit (something I don't agree with due to the fact that alot cities in DLC areas are separated by motorways and those are now limited to 80km/h too due to city boundaries) I think TMP have been more then fair and have right now a good balance between those who like to speed and those who like to obey speed limits.

      Of course trolls will always exist - its just a part of any online MP game like this, tolls will always find a way to troll at any speed and with any vehicle or feature but thats why TMP has a good team of game moderators to deal with them :P


      I just wish people would stop the moaning about things like this and use the other server options if they don't like the way things are on EU2 (TMP facegroup is literally full of posts moaning and whinging about the caravans - although noting new there as alot of posts there seem to be moaning about everything TMP related :( )


      You can never get everything you want in an MP like this and alot of people need to accept that (both people who like to speed [many are unhappy about the 150km/h limit] and those who like to obey speed limits aswell as those who like and dislike caravans and cars, there are many different player types (hence the different server types)


      (Oh Wow :o Very Sorry for such a long response -_-:lol: had no idea I wrote that much :mellow:)


  10. Caravan drivers living up to their name <_<

  11. Pretty Much Everyone with a caravan now... <_<:troll: :90:



  12. hope everyone is prepared for all of this <_<<_<



    1. NotSoFancyFox


      That was basically me when I drove the caravan for the first time on Truckers.MP!

      Anyway Lucky they didn't tip over otherwise I don't think they would have walked away from it...