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  6. Event was great! thank you too all the TMP staff involved in creating it!!! The only improvement i can think of is to show which area the events are held more clearly and a more indepth map on where your supposed to drive, I understood you wanted to make it more immersive and i think that's a brilliant idea, adding the gantries for instructions really brings out the realism! I found though a lot of events i missed out on just because i was driving on the wrong section of the road at the wrong time, I spent more time driving under empty gantries then experience events. Other then that real ops v13 was amazing thank you to everyone!
  7. Happy Birthday! ?

  8. Somewhere in Norway






  9. Suggestion Name: 5+ Year old bans pardoned Suggestion Description: basically players that have ban/s that exceed 5 years old should have a chance to redeem themselves and get them removed or " pardoned " depending on the severity of the ban and their behavior since that 5+ year ban. it would work like this: If player (A) has ban/s that are 5 years old and no recent ban within 1 year then they should get the chance to either have previous ban/s pardoned or removed permanently from their record. if player (B) has ban/s that are over 5 years old but has had a ban within the last year they shouldn't get a chance to have bans removed, and must wait until they have had at least 1 clean year of no bans on their record. by using a system similar to that ^ it should help find players that have genuinely learnt from mistakes and give them a chance to give back to the community. ( in theory ) Why should it be added: A lot of people have 5+ bans that where 3+ years ago when they were younger. as they have got older they have matured and grown up so should be given the chance to apply for TMP roles to help support TMP and the community. A lot of these bans where back in 2014-15 when TMP was new and the ban system was as acknowledged as it is today. Don't forget to voice your opinion! and have your own input on the idea.
  10. Tryed some different camera angles and zooms...













    Also tryed some " Drone-camera " views 






    And my favorite




  11. Had a bit of a revamp with the paint job a while ago, just waiting on the new MAN euro 6













    Love this set up



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    2. [MCG] Kien Giang
    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. KaitanFox


      I really do like the blue, white and grey colour combination. Good looking trucks :)

  12. 14/12/18 i took a load which was going into Scandinavian from Finland, while driving around in Finland to the port i had no issues with players being able to see me, but after entering Scandinavian players where able to drive through me, like i was invisible to them after getting driven through several times i restarted the game, but the problem still persist, so i f7ed to the service and asked a guy if he could see me, to which he replied no... after that i quit mp and went onto SP hoping that would fix it, the game reset me to my garage which i thought was a bit odd. then i went back on mp, which fixed it for a short while, after driving with a new load for about 10 minutes the same thing happend, people drove through me but could see my chat messages of me asking them if i was visible.. i have no way of fixing the problem, restarting the game doesn't do anything is anyone else having this problem, the game is basically unplayable 15/12/18 BST 7:40am so i started up MP after an update on the servers hoping that would have fixed the problem, i loaded in and left the service station, in the city people could see me so i went out on the motorway where people could also still see me and would actually pass me rather then go through me lol, so for the moment i think its fixed, touch wood. if anything changes i will update this.
  13. soo ummm.... has anyone else had the issue of players not seeing you after coming from one of the Baltic ports into Scandinavian?  just gone ran over 5 times pmsl some players can see me, others cant

  14. okay... so loads of people are complaining about the new physics model in ets2 saying " We can't drive fast along C-D anymore! :angry: " and " the new physics model has ruined C-D "....

    just a quick idea... how about... i dont know maybe.... slowing down? .... just an idea though :mellow:

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    2. Xiolin


      Shhhh don't use logic here. You'll scare people D:

    3. Guest


      /me **Is scared** 

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