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  1. MrHarv98

    Picture of the Month: May

  2. Happy Birthday 


    1. MrHarv98


      Thank you

  3. my college wifi 


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    2. Silent Death_53
    3. _Pingu_


      same, not gonna lie, while the teachers get the best, luckily for me my teacher is a homie and gave me the password to the teacher wifi cuz he knows its better.

    4. MrHarv98


      your teacher is a homie tf o.O

  4. Happy birthday man! Wishing you a happy day and life ahead x)

  5. Was browsing my old videos on youtube and these still give me the chuckles :lol:


    I bet @Aragon still hates me for that first one :troll:


  6. MrHarv98

    How to get Started in Multiplayer with Mods & Tips!!

    No mods are going to work in multiplayer.
  7. I recently upgraded my PC from a 4th Gen to 8th with everything except the GPU since it was fine, 2 weeks down the line here i am, GPU starting to be a pain in the a**. Every game i open either shows red blocks on screen or crashes after 20 minutes. Almost have blown $1161 and yet still if i want to buy GPU it's gonna cost me $726 for an RTX 2060 ROG. F my luck and goodbye to games for 2 months. Time to sit in a corner and entertain myself with Netflix only. sad sh!t:RIP:

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    1. _Pingu_


      you dont really need an I9 though 

  9. The answer or more like solution to the situation you mentioned is that this game is rated 3+ PEGI, half of the multiplayer is filled with people who think that ramming into others will make their day, and sure it does later on with a ban by the game mod. On another note, In my eyes the biggest fools are those who just travel Duisburg-Calais road to record others and then compile them and frame them as "Idiots on the road - TruckersMP" or whatever title they fancy. Making a fool of themselves by doing nothing better than watching others in their time. On a bigger note, people actually support this idea, so gg.
  10. Welp, My country just banned any structural or major changes to car modifications.. Means if i have a 20" Alloy i can't even buy one size up or down. jeez.. Minor changes which don't alter from manufacturer specs are allowed. Honestly idk what were they thinking


    Aaand my car is somewhat or alot modified..

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    2. _Pingu_


      oof What country is this if you dont mind me asking 

    3. Killua  // Ireland ^_^
    4. MrHarv98
  11. That is actually a very good question someone asked in a longtime, If we focus on reality here, server's cant handle anything more than 2500-3000 due to latency limitations and connection strength. But if we were to ignore that completely and see how many people can we fit on the map on the same server with some magic, I will pick a round figure between 800,000-900,000 and go with it , that number gives you loads of people on map with enough space for driving. If we were to consider everyone had every single map expansion out there, you could say 1.5 Mil players or more spread across the entire map. That's just my thoughts.
  12. MrHarv98

    Share Your Desktop

    Don't know after how long i updated mine, Wallpaper courtesy is https://www.instagram.com/shadow_m4/ 4K Wallpaper, which is perfect for my TV.