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  1. F4A Event Leaving in 20mins, F4A server Calais Port:


  2. EuroTruckRadio Convoy - Test Rules Server (EU3)  |   luxembourg - hotel  |   Destination - Rotterdam  |  Leaving at 19:00

  3. ETR convoy, Eu3 Uppsala Drekkar Trans 20:00 leave time

  4. ETR Convoy Leaving At 19:30 BST Hannover EU1 

  5. Stage 2 of F4A charity Event on Event Server. in Nurnberg Leaving at 19:00 BST!! Extra details on TFM from Ccowie!

  6. TruckerTom94

    Three word story making...

    The Next Day
  7. TruckerTom94

    Three word story making...

    policeman where it
  8. TruckerTom94

    [SCS Blog] Bella Italia

    maybe they will release the DLC and the Truck at the same time. hmm theory's..
  9. Hi All, if you would like to run Sphinx Haulage and bring it back to an active vtc or have an interest in anything to do with my VTC please contact me and we can get something sorted i don't have the time i used too to run a VTC. Any offers will be considered. Discord ID: TruckerTom#7476 or email: [email protected] :P

  10. I along with the team at ETR Events would like to thank everyone who came to the Bradley Lowery Memorial Convoy this afternoon. We had a good turn out of people

    (30-40 Truckers) and the convoy stayed together, and no one got lost 

    Thank you all for attending, and we (may) see you at another.

  11. TruckerTom94

    Connecting in the middle of the road

    I was aware that spawn protection prevented any actual issues with it but i may be wrong. Though people should spawn in NCZ's and the side of the road just to stop any issues in the first place.
  12. TruckerTom94

    Picture Of The Month July Edition

    Couple of my best images this month, including both custom made skins made by myself (also this month XD)
  13. TruckerTom94

    [FEEDBACK] Admins too lenient?

    Im not sure if you are aware but there is a system in place to make sure that all in-game admins are working to the same level of 'harshness' if you like when banning people from the TMP server. So anything that you, see or anyone else for that matter, that would be seen to the management at TMP as 'unfair' banning would be changed appropriately depending on each situation. I think that's the most fair way to do it...