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  1. Happy bday Bro! Hope you have a goodun :) 

    1. Jobawick


      Thanks Smalley! :)

  2. If any higher TruckersMP mod management would mind answering some quick statistical questions, could they please message me? TIA

  3. There needs to be a system that registers 'unnatural acceleration' and teleports those to service. This should eliminate speed hackers!

    1. WelshGaz


      Hey Joe just read the updated rules around speedhacking or any hacking they'll stop it before long 

  4. These beacons are going to cause major lag!


    1. -XCE-


      The newbs will need to get a better PC. :P 

  5. Sooo... does anybody want to help me learn how to tint my headlights?

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    2. -XCE-


      The lights are green but can also be light yellow. It depends on how many times you duplicate the path. :P 

    3. Jobawick


      Half of that makes sense to me. ;)

    4. _Pingu_


      i wanna make my headlights xenon blue 

  6. Hi Dude, Happy Birthday!


    1. Jobawick


      Hi there! Thanks for the wishes... apologies for the late reply! :P

  7. Happy birthday!

    1. Jobawick


      Thank youuu! Sorry for the late response!

  8. Happy Birthday! Have a great day :) 

    1. Jobawick


      Thanks! Sorry for the late response... may have forgot 'Jobawick' forum member even existed until this evening! :P

  9. Pretty simple request really: The colour of private messages when they're received is white which is easily hidden among the other text within the chat, sometimes resulting in the text being not even seen. Can the colour of private messages be changed so that they won't be missed! Not much to really say other than that but please consider this! I have not had time to make an example for you, sorry. Jobawick
  10. Haulage 64 2017 in aid of the Make a Wish Foundation is now only a day away! I hope you're all as excited for it as I am!

    1. Alex [ITA]

      Alex [ITA]

      Yep! I can't wait :)

  11. Would just like everyone to know, certainly if they haven't seen one yet, the Scania S series looks WAAAYYY better in real life. The interior is beautiful!

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      i dont get the bus ;)

    3. _Party_
    4. DJ Lewis

      DJ Lewis

      I must say he does have a good choice of shoe..



  12. It's amazing how the Carrera GT has almost doubled in price in the last 4 years. Some are for sale at £800,000 now! And one brand new one (71 miles) at 850!!!

  13. Apparently me taking a few seconds longer to exit a hotel because I was adjusting to the new gear shifting pattern meant that I was a wreckless driver! Some guy had the audacity to tell me he would 'call' an admin if I keep driving 'wrecklessly'! He then thought he scared me because I suddenly moved... actually I found the correct gear and pressed the accelerator. Anyhow, all to their own.

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Jobawick


      Hahahah, I record everything now. I am not taking any opportunity to avoid defending myself EVER! 



      aw you've never been banned

    4. Jobawick


      Actually I have. Once was a false report and it was removed ages ago, and another was for calling somebody an 'idiot'. TRIGGERED! Anyhow, I don't know where that went.


  14. H64 has been revealed for less than a day and I am already so excited! Here's my favourite picture from last year: 


  15. Heya, I haven't been playing for a while but have got myself back into the community again after a while. However, I keep having this problem where I am driving and my game freezes the trucks around me but I still keep moving. According to the other trucks, I carry on moving to them so the problem seems to be just for me. The amount of times I end up going to on coming lanes or into grass verges is starting to annoy me! Any ideas on how to stop these random freezes? Jobawick
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