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  1. I am still here! :) I will be back again sometime in the near future.

    1. Thurston


      Look forward to coming back. Welcome. :wub:

    2. Der Joey

      Der Joey

      Hey mate nice that you come back again;)

  2. 4K!! :love: view able if you have 4K also.



  3. Check out the B-Double Triple that I made :love:




    1. AhirZaman


      Nice Picture’s :love:

  4. Done my back in at work today :(
    On the medication and trying to get some sleep...

    1. Erik0301


      You didn't say once that you will buy a car in real life and upload a picture of it? 

    2. plinio_lisboa


      Improvements for you, moderator friend.


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  5. Servers back up! ;) 

    1. Alon.


      lol      I am the same, but I am working very busy recently.:)

  6. hi,Hello, XCE, I am very happy to meet you, my steam plus your friends, do you agree, my ID is like.

  7. Happy Birthday! :D 

    1. heyhococo


      Thank you! <3

  8. Happy Birthday!! :D 

  9. Congrats on GML!! :D

    1. [AHL] Aek177

      [AHL] Aek177

      Thank you man! :wub:

  10. Yes!! :D Welcome back :love:

    1. Pillow


      Thanks buddy!

  11. Congrats my friend :D 

    1. Mike Dragon

      Mike Dragon

      Thank you! <3

  12. Congrats on the promotion dude! :D 

    1. JeffSFC



      Thank you for the congrats. :love:

    2. -XCE-


      You're very welcome my friend :) 

  13. Photo's I got from my 16 Hour stream I did on Saturday! :love: @Ali. & @NeonLeon decided to appear and convoy with us to get photo's. @Axorell with me! :D 

























    Feel free to check out my channel - I stream everyday! :o 



    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Axorell


      Here's mine which I managed to capture ^-^ Also, great photo of the sun and the bridge!







    3. Alon.


      Very perfect photo:wub:

    4. Alex S

      Alex S

      Beautiful scenery, and beautiful cars

  14. you band me for something i did not do i would like to see video evidance of the 9th


    1. JJay


      Dear @canadien_goose1


      Sorry for the frustration this might be causing for you, but we can not really help you here on the Forum as we do not deal with ban related stuff and complaints here. Please Appeal your ban if you haven't already and use the suitable way to appeal it. You must be patient, he will give you a evidence of ban. Just give him some time. We have an Appeal & Feedback System for that matter. Here are the links for those two systems:
      Appeal: https://truckersmp.com/appeals
      Feedback: https://truckersmp.com/feedback You can also use this system if you feel a Staff member was not accordingly doing its job. 

      If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to message me.




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