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  1. i wish you all the best for your birthday 🥳. have a nice day ☺️


    love greetings,


  2. I'm glad because it was crap and didnt work when they update it
  3. Thankyou darkmoon 🙂

  4. Happy bday to meeeee


    35 today and gradually getting older and grey hairs are coming heavier

  5. Good Evening all


    Red Line Cargo is one of the most famous and active VTCs in the community with members from all over the world that love to drive together. RLC was first founded on 21st February 2018 as Marston’s Trucking Company by John Marston and soon after renamed to Red Line Cargo

    RLC are looking to recruit skilled and professional drivers if you are one of them, you can apply to be joined the best VTC in TMP family and we sure we can look after you as well.


    To find out more - click here -> APPLY NOW

  6. Did you actually click cheating by yourself or to the truck that was ramming people off the junction because to me you supposed to find his/her name that causing trouble with other players not yourself now you need to explain in your own word in the ban appeal
  7. Thank you for the follow 

    Have a nice day

    1. Leo35


      Thankyou Mark


      Same to you bud

  8. I've had numerous of these where as when I start the game and there is lots of players in busiest area such as calais and duisburg that how you get unreliable connections, I suggest to land at koln or at the eurotunnel bit where its quieter Hope this helps Regards Leo
  9. thanks for add me :)😊

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    2. Drexyy


      ı am good bro thanks and u ?

    3. Leo35


      Not too bad buddy 

    4. Drexyy


      Oh okey good :)

  10. RLC Convoy was well impressive tonight!! Well done to the management, members and CC teams and thankyou all for attending 

  11. Good Afternoon BabyBoss007 Could you go to steam > Library > Right click ETS2 > Properties > Local Files > Browse Local Files > copy that directory and there should be a default path which is C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Euro Truck Simulator 2 Hope this helps and if it doesnt work, please contact me on my TMP profile and take it from there
  12. Hello DwiinDovah i also play on ATS and my Kenworth 389 only stops at 60mph as i have a double turnpike trailers therefore, you may of played on the simulation server which only stops at 68, those that are doing more than 68mph are risking themselves as speedhacks, you could be playing on as External Contract like SarahMaddy is saying, i play on ATS for so long and i know what it feels like to drive at 56mph which is dead slow and 60mph is a really good drive and smooth. if you see other people are driving double the speed limit than they will likely to get a ban, the only server they would like to do it as over 80mph is likely to be played in the arcade mode not in the simulation mode. hope this helps and understand about the speed limits
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