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  1. Congrats ! 🥳

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      Thank you ❤️

  2. Thanks for the follow ! :HaulieLove:

  3. And yet it's more or less the case, I have Turkish/Russian friends who have been banned in recent days and they are again on ColanderMP, the worst I know of one who even joined your team. Like what there is a real problem There are no "bugs" in the "matrix", these investigations are manually performed by every GM. As i mentioned above, a GM/RM can make mistakes, however, if the player appeals and/or we notice that the report is old while dealing with it, the ban is gonna be removed and you, the reporter, are gonna be punished. And regarding your last sentence, ban evading isn't as easy as you think right now. Our system has been updated and now if the system notices that you are banned in your main account, it won't let you join in any other linked accounts to your PC/NET/ACC. You can read what I replied to your colleague, can we ask our Russian or Turkish friends for the manipulation for ban evading ? We all know very well that it was simple, and that it always will be, you said this in public precisely to dissuade people reading who this comment. Furthermore, can you tell us the date of this update on your server? just to see if people were able to continue doing it or not
  4. It has bugs in the matrix then, since I already did it at the time and the person was still banned In any case, the bans are useless since everyone can circumvent them without fear of being found...
  5. They have no way to see if the rec is more than 7 days old or not, if you upload it only on the 8th day by putting the date of the dayit is like this the incident had just happened x)
  6. Happy Birthday ! 🥳

  7. Welcome back at home ! ❤️

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  9. Thank you for the follow ! 🫡

  10. Congrats Bruijn nub :HaulieLove:

  11. Happy Birthdaaaaay Nub Rider ! 🥰

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      Thank youuuuu Julia :HaulieLove:

  12. Congrats nub ! :HaulieLove:

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