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    Thank you for writing your guide. Unfortunately we cannot accept it as there is not sufficient content. We would like to see more detail in your guides, and perhaps screenshot and formatting.
  2. ETS2 failed start up

    // Won't Fix.
  3. Heavy Haul Convoy 22nd April 2018

    Thank you everyone that participated in this event I'm glad to see so much positive feedback. I apologise for the problems with the event server and switching to Europe 3, this was unfortunate but I did not want to cancel it for the 450 of you that were setup and ready for it. Your patience while we were sorting the problem was very much appreciated and I believe the event was a success. I have taken note on feedback regarding the length/time of this convoy and some other factors that can be improved with this type of event. I do plan to host another Heavy Haul in the future since the response was very positive, and I'll make sure to address your feedback in the next one!
  4. Heavy Haul Convoy 22nd April 2018

    @Ivar_Hman Yes you can use ANY trailer going to any destination.
  5. Heavy Haul Convoy 22nd April 2018

    @FuzzBallHall The server is in the original post. It will show up under the name of Public Convoy approximately an hour prior to the event start.
  6. The Lazy Truckers

    // Topic restored upon OP request.
  7. The Lazy Truckers

    // Topic restored upon OP request.
  8. TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @Syntackz joins the Event Team.
  9. DLC Owned

    // Moved from Bug Reports to Help.
  10. No one is moving

    // Archived as bug report for this issue is outstanding:
  11. Chat doesn't work after using /fix

    // Moved from Bug Reports to Help.
  12. ATS MP problems

    // Archived as a previous report relates to this bug:
  13. // Moved from Bug Reports to Help.
  14. DLC Bug ( Heavy Cargo )

    // Fixed.