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      Hello Truckers! In response to recent developments with certain processor exploits We will be shutting down US1 / AS1 / SA1 until we get confirmation from the datacenters that the shared physical servers that these are hosted on have been patched. While at this time we are not aware of any active attacks against our users, we take security extremely seriously and do not want to risk any chances as they are on hardware shared with other customers of whom we do not know. You may also notice the website being unavailable for a few moments over the next few days. This is due to our datacenter provider patching our fleet of 30 servers. We apologize for any frustrations this may cause, however know this is a very important step that is required to secure our users data. Thank you for your understanding.   Forum thread Homepage blog post


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    // Moved from ETS2 > Companies to Turkish Discussion > Companies.
  2. Steering wheel

    // Moved from Bug Reports to Help. Topic is pretty old so hopefully @AlexDarkOne replies.
  3. Damage and Invisible walls

    This sounds like issues on SCS's behalf. Are the barriers still there in single player?
  4. Missing No Colission Zone

    Is this still occurring?
  5. Looks like you're off to a great start. Good luck!
  6. Reassign CB Button for Steering Wheel/Controllers

    Approved. DOWNLOAD THE SOFTWARE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Thanks for sharing.
  7. Black screen when launching

    // Moved from Bug Reports to Help.
  8. problem to upgra

    // Moved from Bug Reports to Help.
  9. What do you eat on fridays?

    Pizza, kebab, or burger + chips usually!
  10. 24S 2018 - Brought To You By Snowball Media

    As an owner of pets I respect everything you're doing here. Good luck.
  11. General conduct on German Streets

    Approved. Thanks for the detailed guide!
  12. In-Game Bug Report Format - Must be followed.

    Added 'Game' to the format following updated forum structure.
  13. Kings Global Transport | Globally Connected, Locally Invested

    I see your drivers around often. Looks great, good luck!
  14. SBS Xpress recrutando, vagas disponiveis! BR

    // Moved from ETS2 > Companies to Portuguese > Companies.
  15. FEED THE NEED 2018

    Looks like a great event for a great cause. Good luck!