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  1. Digital

    ETRC event cargos

    You can also turn AI traffic off in Single Player by entering g_traffic 0 into the Console. It's a great event, I'm looking forward to seeing unpopular cities become popular over the next 6 weeks.
  2. Digital

    First anniversary of the event team

    April is certainly a month to be excited for.
  3. Digital

    Racing Championship - Spring 2019 (Results!)

    Hi Joao Rodrigues, racing on public servers is certainly not the direction TruckersMP will be heading in the future. Truck racing is a special event which will only take place on a private server where specific rules have exceptions, is heavily moderated, and organised. Players on the network are always urged to follow the standard rules outside of an event such as this.
  4. Welcome to the forums! Congratulations again on becoming Racing Champion. :wub:

  5. Greetings! If you missed the original blog for the Racing Championship, you can check it out here: https://truckersmp.com/blog/145 The Racing Championship for Spring 2019 has now concluded, and it's been an incredible journey. During the evening, we were excited to find that our community has a lot of very skilful drivers. For some, it was a nerve-racking and stressful experience, as players were gripping their wheel firmly in hopes to be one of the first three to cross the finish line. After four hours of intense racing action, there could only be one winner. We had to eliminate those that fell behind and bring only the best, one step closer to the Crown. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are proud to announce the first TruckersMP Racing Champion is ... Slavik_32RUS! Slavik fought hard at the wheel, and certainly deserves the spotlight of our new and first Champion! Along with winning the Crown, he is also the first member of TruckersMP to receive an Award on his profile - check it out! And of course, he will receive a hefty £50 Steam Gift Card to splash out on the Steam store! Shout Outs We would like to thank every participant for taking their time to join the new series, and really hope you had a blast. A huge shout-out goes out to the Staff which helped to manage the event. Additionally, we would like to share the runner-ups in the Final! T0bias - 2nd Place B&Č Transport ASIR [CZE] - 3rd Place Vellaco [ESP] - 4th Place KingKrule - 5th Place WooQash - 6th Place If you have screenshots or video clips of the event, please feel welcome to post them in the comments! The curtains on the series may be closing, but keep an eye on our blogs in the coming months to know when it will return! Can you become our next Champion? -TruckersMP Team View post on homepage
  6. Digital

    truck fest 2019

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  7. Digital

    Konwój między firmowy godzina 23.03.2019

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  8. Digital

    [23.03] "2.Wielki Konwój Przyjaźni

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  9. Looks good! Maybe I can finally attend one of your events.
  10. Hey Digital! Have a nice Evening! How are you? :thisisfine:

    1. Digital


      I'm great! How about you?

    2. Chris2306


      I'm doing well too :thisisfine:

  11. Digital

    Ford F Max? Ford Cargo?

    F-Max for sure. Looks amazing!
  12. Real Operations V6 has been such a blast!


    Every minute was worth the restless nights and headaches the last few days.


    The event wouldn't have been possible without the incredible team we have here at TruckersMP. Here are some of the dedicated team which worked so hard to bring this beautiful community exactly the kind of events it deserves.




    And after 3 years, we brought back Europoort.






    The traffic stretched from Europoort, all the way to north of Amsterdam on the A7. From what I remember, that is almost double what it used to be 3 years ago. Amazing!

    1. [WT] AlexXX

      [WT] AlexXX

      #BringBackEuropoort :truestory:

    2. SuperMouse


      #BringBackEuroport Great great event!

    3. [falconites.com] RoadKing

      [falconites.com] RoadKing

      You guys put a great effort. Thank you all the team who worked for this event. Hope to see more exciting events in the future.

  13. Happy Birthday! ^_^

  14. Digital

    3 Jahre ConTrans Jubiläums Konvoi

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