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  1. I'm genuinely sad to see the day of your departure from the team, you will never be forgotten here.


    I'm also happy for you, though. The impact a single person can have on the trucking community as a whole is outstanding. Your involvement in TruckersMP, TruckersFM, the positive changes that have come because of you, will always be appreciated. I'm glad to have met you. Good luck with everything, Chris. <3

  2. Digital

    Remove 24/7 night mode

    @grundi2601 thank you so much for your suggestion to remove the permanent night environment. This is a feature primarily introduced to our Hallows Haul event that took place on Sunday. We thought to help set the theme for the time of year, to keep the feature enabled until celebration for Halloween ends. It is likely that today being Halloween, the environment will be restored to normal tomorrow. Due to this I have decided to reject your suggestion. Again thank you for your time to write this.
  3. Well would you look at that. Congrats on your new job! I think you'll do great. :)

  4. I hope you're having a happy birthday so far! :truestory:

  5. Digital

    Hot topic #5: Oregon released

    It's likely budget related, being unable to justify further development and were forced to release. To be fair, ETS2 was quite similar as that was only a small part of Europe in 2012.
  6. Digital

    TruckersMP Team

    [TRIAL GAME MODERATOR] @Smalley also returns to the Event Team.
  7. Digital

    Custom Website/Forum Styles

    @BL4CK$K1LL Updated the topic to include some custom colours for the Forum!
  8. Digital

    [SCS Blog] Oregon: Final Countdown

    Probably the best video I've seen them upload yet.
  9. Digital

    TruckersMP Team

    [PLAYER] @[LKW Tr.] Adam rejoins the Event Team.
  10. Digital

    Why has the trailer stability changed?

    SCS changed this for 1.32, you need to slow down the corners. That's just common sense for trucking.
  11. UXwGZHb.jpg

    1. IpilkAlaus


      Well that texture certainly isn't of premium quality...

    2. MattTM


      "Premium" :kappa:

    3. Avgerho
  12. Digital

    Custom Website/Forum Styles

    I could look into having a red version supported on the forum itself. However, doing this I can only see too many colours being requested. Alternatively, I can create it via Stylus to change the green elements to red, blue etc.
  13. Digital

    Custom Website/Forum Styles

    I removed all of the coloured icons because they didn't look that great. I'll probably add the Facebook / Twitter one back tomorrow, though.
  14. // Moved from Community Events to Russian Discussion.