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  1. Viva Trucking 1 Year Anniversary - November 4th

    Best of luck with your event and I wish you another year of success. You were certainly my VTC of choice if I had the time for it.
  2. // Archived upon request.
  3. Overtaking in-game

    Moved to archive due to duplicate guide:
  4. Guide To Surviving Oxnard

    Moved to archive as the map has since been modified by SCS.
  5. Moved from Guides to Solutions as it is more appropriate here.
  6. My ban should be over but it stills - What to do ?

    Moved from Solutions to Guides as it is more appropriate here.
  7. Fatal error or Crashing each 5-10 minutes

    Moved from Guides to Solutions as it is more fitting here.
  8. Steam Signature

    Archived due to out-of-date content.
  9. Importance of choosing server eu1 or eu2

    Further to the above, the server choice does not matter in 99% of cases so it's not a great concern.
  10. Thanks for the 1000th rep. :wub:

  11. How big is your Steam folder?

    I honestly thought mine would be pretty low... It's 825GB.
  12. player reports

    With the massive amount of reports the admins deal with already, encouraging more is really not a good idea.
  13. Frightfest 2017 - Phantom Spooktacular!

    This looks amazing! Looking forward to it.
  14. Convoy Operations Team

    @PHL | WelshGaz leaves the convoy operations team due to lack of time.
  15. New Rank: Game Administrator Leader

    I believe it was agreed that the team leaders can be mentioned to the public, however, it was never officially announced until now.