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  1. Heya Hope your having a fantastic day :)

    1. BubbleMuscles


      Hello man
      Thanks for that.I also hope that you have a great day😀

  2. BubbleMuscles


    You should check this out. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/
  3. For those who dont find Superfetch Service in latest windows update. Link
  4. Yes i am using dx11, i thought TMP completely support dx11. Thanks a lot for the information
  5. Hello From the 1.35 TMP update,i am facing this problem. My game freeze when i minimize/alt tab. Also if i press TAB to see about players ,i get huge FPS drop. Like from 60 to 15-20 FPS. Anyone ever facing this issue? And if faced,how to resolve this.My PC is quite good to run this game.All my drivers are up to date My PC config i5 9400 8 GB ram GTX 1050 ti I use SSD Thanks
  6. Hi whatsup dude:truestory:

    1. BubbleMuscles


      Hey dude, sorry for late. i was inactive

  7. Anyone ever meet this problem ? how to solve this


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    2. Titanic4


      Firstly, check if something is hogging the CPU. Maybe you have something, which takes up most of the processing power of the computer running in the background. Lastly, try cleaning the cooling system of your computer. When CPU is very hot, your computer may slow it down in order to prevent possible permanent damage to this component at the cost of the performance. When using laptop, make sure that you don't block ventilation holes on the device.

    3. BubbleMuscles


      @[LKW Tr.] Alis* before that happen i had 60 fps, but when it started i had about 15-20 fps 
      @Titanic4ok i will check this later. but while i play games , i dont have any other apps/games open

    4. [RLC] Alis*

      [RLC] Alis*

      I had exactly same problem in almost every game... Everything was good and than from sudden GPU usage dropped to something like 5% for like 30 seconds, during that time games were unplayable. Reinstallation of drivers solved it for me.

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