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  1. Medical vaccine/medical equipment cause of its high value
  2. Welcome back 😀

  3. Heya Hope your having a fantastic day :)

    1. BubbleMuscles


      Hello man
      Thanks for that.I also hope that you have a great day😀

  4. You should check this out. https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/
  5. For those who dont find Superfetch Service in latest windows update. Link
  6. Yes i am using dx11, i thought TMP completely support dx11. Thanks a lot for the information
  7. Hello From the 1.35 TMP update,i am facing this problem. My game freeze when i minimize/alt tab. Also if i press TAB to see about players ,i get huge FPS drop. Like from 60 to 15-20 FPS. Anyone ever facing this issue? And if faced,how to resolve this.My PC is quite good to run this game.All my drivers are up to date My PC config i5 9400 8 GB ram GTX 1050 ti I use SSD Thanks
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