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  1. Old drivers, long time no see😄


    1. El Moreno s.l

      El Moreno s.l

      Yo that truck is so  :wow: Cool looking!

  2. I think so, the most disappointing thing is the cancellation of the sound code
  3. Enjoy a pleasant weekend😁


    1. Guest


      Old Style ^_^ ❤️ 

    2. [ETS2MCG] Kien Giang
  4. Happy weekend is here again😁


    1. Reid1651


      Have a happy weekend too! 😁
      And this photo is really nice 😍🚛🚚

    2. [SK] - TeR*Yōng  Bào
    3. Guest


      Happy weekends ^_^

  5. Thank you for the follow me:LUL:

    1. MHT_


      You're welcome and thank you for the follow as well! ^_^

  6. Truck, blue sky, white clouds, and a traveler😉spacer.png





    1. Guest


      Great photo and truck mate 🤙

    2. El Moreno s.l

    Trying to find you in game is an impossible mission 😥

    1. [SK] - TeR*Yōng  Bào
    2. [SK] - TeR*Yōng  Bào

      [SK] - TeR*Yōng Bào

      Under the Brussels viaduct:D

    3. El Moreno s.l

      El Moreno s.l

      i'm reading your messages one hour later :_( 

  8. Building traffic lights here is a great improvement:LUL:


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Bolts


      The new petrol station is also great.

    3. Kiv.


      It's a great idea but how many will actually stop at the lights?:thinking: 

    4. DemonHunter1981


      I have to say that I have went through that area a few times and everyone was actually driving with common sense. However further down that road at that new petrol station it was confusion XD

  9. Can anyone give me the gift of cd road dlc:LUL:


    1. Simulator Experiencer

      Simulator Experiencer

      gonna have to start digging under :P haha  jks

    2. El Moreno s.l

      El Moreno s.l

      it's time to find another options 

  10. Thanks for attention~:LUL:

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    2. El Moreno s.l

      El Moreno s.l

      yeah sure, when? 

    3. [SK] - TeR*Yōng  Bào

      [SK] - TeR*Yōng Bào

      Truck World mission is being completed recently, you can run CD Road together on weekends

    4. El Moreno s.l
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