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  1. Happy birthday!🎉

    1. Tuna_


      Thank you Darie!!! ;)

  2. A very fine event. I will be present. Good luck to everyone!
  3. I think there is a discrimination between the players who drive Skoda and those who do not. I say this because, as you said above, some players use it only to create chaos. When I go with skoda I like to go slowly (especially on the CD), when I go by truck I give a lot of players who go by car that always surpass the players and always go with a speed of 110km / h. This is why it causes much more chaos. In conclusion, all Skoda drivers are discriminated against by others because of the trolls
  4. Tutorial: How to get ban 


    (from the archive)

  5. Hello In my opinion this limit is very good. I know what it's like to go 110 km / h on empty roads, but we must remember that we are in ets2 and not in nfs
  6. thanks for following

  7. Thank you for the follow, @Darie_sofer 💝

  8. The new Duisburg does not have the effect😂


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    2. Darie_sofer


      @Titanic4 I can't upload a 1 mb picture as normal.  That's why I did so, sorry for my mistake.

    3. Titanic4


      You can use image hosting site, such as Imgur, or Lightshot - these don't have such major limitations.

    4. [SK] - TeR*YongBao
  9. Hi Well said. Many believe they are playing NFS and not thinking about other players. 7 months ago I started filming the traffic to get rid of these players.
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