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  1. Well, I would like to see better skybox and maybe the implementation of temperature accodring to real life? I mean, it's usually 18, 24 or around 30 So it would be just a small feature... But we could get the ability to turn on the air condition for more realism
  2. Merry Christmas! 😄

  3. Merry Christmas! I'll be hosting this year a dinner for my family members Unfortunatly, this year there will be only few of us I wish all of you to spend all the holidays with joy Stay cool, stay safe and I wish all your wishes to come true TMP community!
  4. I try not to think about gifts I may or may not receive I prefer the surprise element And I won't get angry if I don't get any gifts at all
  5. It will be a classic Christmass with family and food Well, probably this year we will have only a few family members to gather together
  6. The forum itself is cool! People are friendly and they are always into chatting or discussing something in treds. I really like it and I love forum games There are also a lot of informative treds where novice players or anyone with any kind of problem or suggestion may relate to and get some help with their issue Keep the good work guys, you all are the best
  7. Have a good day friends I'm gonna win for now
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