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    Agia Marina, Attica, Greece ??
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    - Trucking ?
    - Football / Volleyball / Basketball ⚽??
    - Flags and everything related (vexillology) ??????
    - History / Archaeology ?️
    - Camping / Fishing ?️?
    - Scouting (As a volunteer or counselor) ⚜️
    - Gaming ?️
    - Scale modelling (beginner)
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    Italy: Verona
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    Greek (Native), English, Russian (Native), Ukrainian, Pontic

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  1. I'm listening to 70s, 80s, 90s music or even turn on the real local radio ?
  2. I prefer rain the most ? Especially in the evening ?
  3. I started my game from Verona and I still believe that this is a good city for beginners (especially if you have DLC Italia) ? Quite decent payment and beautiful views ?
  4. Can't wait for this DLC! ? A lot of beautiful roads and new connections between countries are comming! It's sad that there is no Greece, but it will be added later I hope ?
  5. I had a plan to download it and play like that, but some personal reasons had to skip all winter season ?
  6. My first truck was Iveco ? I still have it and sometimes even drive it
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