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  1. Well, if by that you mean just a decoration like dashcam - that would be nice, either if TruckersMP added one or SCS. If you are speaking about a functionality - plenty of programms can be your dashcam
  2. WoT events keep coming, it's time for me to finish all of them
  3. Reid1651

    Game Preferences

    Well, since I don't have ATS, I prefer to cruise in ETS I only watch some videos of ATS tho
  4. Thank you for following 😄

    1. aesthxwolf


      You're most welcome:HaulieLove:

  5. I have around 30% of rain, I do really enjoy it and I also don't ride on overcrowded roads
  6. Either they are trolls, or probably just got disturbed by something and forgot to pull over
  7. I agree, those are fake news
  8. Cars are a good addition, they add realism to roads as long as trolls don't use them Maybe one of the solutions for this could probably be to add a specific amount of time required to play before you are able to buy one? (let's say 50 hours of driving in TruckersMP, that's just and example) Sometimes I love to drive a car in some low populated regions and small cities, and I also do enjoy alternative vehicles. so I'd really like to see some new cars added in future just like Skoda
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