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  1. Good morning truckers! Have a wonderful day! :D

    1. AmiriM#4530


      Good Morning 🙂

  2. Hey everyone! Have a clear road and a nice day! 🙂

    1. Darie_sofer


      Hello .  Have a good day

    2. Reid1651
  3. Do they mostly drive in crowded areas? Or maybe I can meet someone in more quiter ones? Because I have never seen one in the low capacity regions
  4. Hello there! I like you idea and I hope this may be implemented in the future! I also hope they will add more voice variants to gps
  5. Well, since I am just getting started with DLC's, I own just 3 of them: Italia, Cabin Accessories and Pink Ribbon Charity Pack. I am willing to buy every map DLC in the future
  6. I like anything starting from Sardinia, but Sardinia - Bern is one love
  7. Some patterns of dark blue or maybe grey/white. Brown or beige are also liked
  8. I am slow and careful most of the time. I only speed up +5/+10 km/h depends of the distance. It's not a problem to me to drive with road limit aswell.
  9. I love Italia and Switzerland a lot. For Italy my beloved place is Sardinia For Switzerland it's all about mountains and cozy colours Also, I hope one day there will be Balkan DLC with Greece, so I can add it in this list aswell..
  10. I really do like Italy on the base map. Also Switzerland is a fine place to come
  11. Well, I like my Iveco Hi-Way. It's just feels cozy to me
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