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  1. I would probably upgrade some of my pc gaming accessories such as a newer wheel and flight joystick as well as some other things. Ninety percent of it would go into savings though.
  2. The link is provided from the mod creator who is not a part of TruckersMP. Any AD money gained through the link goes to the mod creator not to TruckersMP. TruckersMP only provides support for the mod; they don't make the seasonal mods. Nice! I'll be sure to try it out and upload a video to my channel about it.
  3. New video! (As well as a new #shorts video.) This time our trip through Sweden found us encountering a driver who definitely took a corner too fast nearly running into me. https://youtube.com/shorts/C1VFEhsjjU0?feature=share
  4. I use Cyberlink Powerdirector 16. Its a few years old but you can get the newest one. The fact that they offer a one-time purchase is a big deal for me. I've found it to be very useful and pretty robust with its feature set too.
  5. That would be nice however I think it would only be good if it was in addition to the base game map. Not many people buy the new map dlc right when it comes out a prefer to wait for a sale (me included) which means that we don't really have ProMods as an option. I think to satisfy everybody if they did the base-game map like what they did this year and in addition to that a ProMods freeroam server, that would be really nice.
  6. While I personally haven't really liked many other trucks outside of the Mercedes New Actros, this one might be my new favorite or tie with it. I love that DAF was able to work with SCS to bring a more modern truck into the game. From the pictures, I like the idea with the mirrors and especially the new dashboard. Can't wait to try it out as soon as I build up enough cash in-game!
  7. New Video! This is the second episode in our Journey Through Sweden series! This was a bit wet and rainy but all in all a pretty good drive.
  8. I'm not sure if it has website integration. I know that you can use your own logo with and have your own VTC page on their website but not sure about your own website. It's also totally free to use as well.
  9. Hi there, for us, we use VTLog. I've found it to be incredibly reliable and useful especially since it uses an automatic logger so you don't have to worry about inputting anything wrong or forgetting to do so. It also has an easy setup for both players and staff and it has Discord integration as well. https://vtlog.net
  10. I dont think SCSs MP feature has caused much of a difference. The past two days the TruckersMP API has had some stability issues including extremely high ping (likely some sort of overload) and a few crashes causing some servers to have high amounts of lag or crash entirely. The website and forum as well as apps that use the API like Trucky have all been affected by this as well. Hopefully, once the devs iron the situation out, they will release a news update about it.
  11. For me, I try to drive as realistically as possible. I always stop at red lights and stop signs even if no one is around just because it's the right thing to do and I always try to follow the speed limit for the same reason. Yes, it means that my trips may be slower but I have more fun with it that way instead of always worrying if I'm going to crash by driving too fast .
  12. I found out about ETS2 through the Daggerwin YouTube channel. My Dad originally bought me the disk copy of both games (of which I still have) and I racked up a good many hours on it. Was only really about a year later that I bought it on Steam for easier updating and purchasing of DLC.
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