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  1. This would be a good idea, except it would be very hard to implement. Even if it would be implemented there would be a large margin for error on the system. +1 for the time and how nicely written it is, but -1 for me due the margin of error and the fact that it may kick or ban people which truly didn't mean to do something in which case they would not need to be kicked or banned.
  2. They probably will on both ets2 and ats when they release the "new game mode" they announced a few months ago on their YouTube channel. The "new game mode" video showed them driving around in mp with regular cpu traffic. Here is the link to the YouTube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ck1lJCHYJeE
  3. Personally, I always turn off my cb radio due to the fact of many people just harassing other players. I use discord for my conversations with other people as then I won't have to hear other players harass other people. If their was an ability to make a private channel or if their was more moderation on the cb radio I may start using.
  4. Plays.tv has a recorder, but when I tried it (and I have actually a pretty good spec pc) i got lag in the video not in the game and the video quality wasn't that great. I use obs studio or streamlabs obs.
  5. I still drive my first truck, a Mercedes Benz New actros, as I can still surprisingly upgrade it in game to the level the better trucks are at without using any mods. Plus, I love the luxury.
  6. Ok. Good point, but how do add a poll? I am kinda new here to the forum.
  7. Just to clarify, I am not talking about another division of truckersmp such as game moderators, community moderators, etc. I am talking about a group of players that will change for each new build of the mod similar to how SCS does their beta testing groups where you can be a part of it without being part of the SCS company.
  8. Hi! Recently, I posted in the Q&A section on whether or not they will implement an alpha or beta testing group to alleviate the time it would take the staff to test new bug fixes and features by opening small (~100 players) groups to test the new builds of the mod. This would give more time for the developers to make new additions and fix bugs and for the staff members to do their respective jobs more often. The answer I received was that they had no plans for it right now but they also said that it MAY be implemented in the future without saying that it was a definite thing that it was going to be implemented. Hopefully, it will be implemented. I was just wondering how many players would actually want this to be implemented and what your thoughts are on this.
  9. Hi! I was wondering if it is possible for you to implement beta or alpha testing groups whether it is a closed or open beta/alpha so that players can test upcoming content (that has already been announced of course) or upcoming bug fixes. This would alleviate some stress and time off of your developers and testers by having some of the community participate. Beta/alpha testers do not need to receive anything in return (because most would just be happy to participate), but, if possible, it would be nice to either have recognition through a blog or forum post or have a badge on the profile similar to the member badge already on our profiles.
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