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  1. I always stop a red light even if no one is around. Just habit from real life plus I like to follow all traffic laws or at least most when playing in multiplayer.
  2. I've been on TruckersMP for a few years now and I think the speed limiter is actually a good thing. This article sums up why the speed limiter isn't higher quite nicely in my opinion (scroll to the bottom for the speed limiter part): https://truckersmp.com/knowledge-base/article/574 . Yes, when your exploring the map and theirs no traffic around it might be nice to drive faster but its also not realistic or safe. I've seen countless times and still do as a matter of fact flipped trucks or nearly flipped trucks around turns where people were going to fast. Some of which don't teleport to servic
  3. Congrats to all the VTCs, stations, and staff members on the results! And, thank you to all the staff members for making TruckersMP a pleasant place to be around.
  4. True, but maybe it will be something for veteran players only. Who knows, I guess we'll all find out in the new year!
  5. It looks like 2021 will be an exciting year for truckersmp. I think that the first picture is most definitely a bus which would be a great addition to the game in my opinion. Adds a little more variety to the mp side of things. And the second one may be a trailer idk. Maybe they will be adding some sort of special transport like a really long trailer?
  6. If it truly is and pry would be just for friends then it won't have that much of an affect on truckersmp. In fact it might actually help as it may help with some more mp friendly map changes and edits like the gas stations that were pictured and might also help with stability with and may finally help allowing ai traffic or maybe even mods but I doubt playing with mods would happen on public servers like truckersmp because of the sheer amount of compatibility issues that might cause as well as moderation.
  7. So far I have only experienced the horn not working. Haven't experienced any other sound issues yet. With FMOD being such a big update to the game, I'm not surprised that there are still bugs after getting mp compatible with the update. It might take them even a few more weeks or months to get it all worked out.
  8. Yes, it was definitely unexpected that's for sure. What I like about it is that you don't need all of the map dlc to play it and that you still have the base game map still in it. That way I can still enjoy the dlc that I paid for while still enjoying the modded part.
  9. I would say the thing that I hate the most would be the people who ignore normal traffic laws. I've had quite a few ignore yields, run red lights, and don't pass properly. My second hated player would be the missile cars. Now don't get me wrong, I like the car and I absolutely think that it should stay in the game for realism since irl there are cars but some people think its a rocket and want to go to space with it by ramming it into other players trucks.
  10. I would say my recommedation to new mp drivers would be to always follow the rules as well as irl driving laws. (Especially stopping at red lights is a great one to follow )
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